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  • The Best Sampayan, According to Slater Young Who Bought All He Could Find

    No alambreng sampayan in this review!
    by Dahl D. Bennett .
The Best Sampayan, According to Slater Young Who Bought All He Could Find
PHOTO BY (from left) Instagram/thatguyslater, Youtube/SlaterYoung
  • Just when you think your good old alambreng sampayan was serving its purpose, along comes the charming entrepreneur-vlogger Slater Young discussing the finer points of efficient clothes drying rack in his YouTube channel of the same name.

    Suddenly, you are introduced to a whole new universe where a wee sampayan becomes the equivalent of the most expensive Transformer toy, which you can adjust with ease. Our guess is everything you wanted in a sampayan are the same things Slater wants, too.

    “For me it’s two things,” Slater says in his vlog. “Number one, it saves space. Two, it’s moveable, meaning we can put it out (pag mainit), and pag cloudy we can hide it somewhere na hindi mababasa (yung sampay).”

    Best sampayan features, according to Slater Young  

    So, to know which kinds are the best, Slater tested the different clothes rack available in the market, from the moveable, expandable to the type attached to the wall. So, we paid close attention like it was the finale of our favorite K-drama and summed up everything which he thinks makes a clothes rack, errr, rock.


    A rack without wheels doesn’t do the trick for Slater. The best ones are those you can quickly move to a dry place the second it rains. Racks with 360-degree rolling wheels are suitable, but the ones with stoppers are better.


    Avoid basic racks made of flimsy materials because, while they still serve their purpose, “nahuhulog yung damit” when they are being rolled around, Slater points out. The best ones are those made of steel, so it doesn’t shake quickly.


    Space saver

    Here is where wall-mounted retractable racks, the kind you can push or swing back to the wall when not in use, work best. Slater advises to go for those made of premium materials for a smooth and even push and pull. Different kinds of wall-mounted racks feature one to four poles to accommodate more clothes.


    You will want one made of light but sturdy materials for those times when you have to physically carry them, like when you want to transfer them indoors, but there’s a flight of stairs you have to hurdle.


    Since you will be using them to hang wet clothes for a very long time, you want them rust-free for as long as possible. Slater emphasizes racks with a good coating to protect from rusts.

    Slater's top sampayan choice? He chose a foldable three-pole drying rack (the kind that looks like an inverted triangle) with wheels.

    “Sobrang convenient, meron pang extra pole, and may powder coating so walang problem when it comes to rust.”

    The same rack features rows of gaskets that secure the clothes hangers on breezy days as well extendable poles for those times when it seems you’re doing laundry for a whole barangay instead of a family of four.

    Since the vlog, we never looked at sampayan the same way again. Watch Slater's video below.

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