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    4. 'Halimaw sa banga"

    There was this film during my younger years where a halimaw (monster) hid inside a huge vase or “banga”, and would prey on unsuspecting guests of the house. It stuck me so much that even now as an adult I would never buy those big vases to decorate my house, let alone peek into them at a store. You can thus see why it's an effective way to get kids to behave when you're at other people's houses.

    5. Dwende / Nuno sa punso

     Unlike all the others in this list, the dwendes are said to bring good luck if they happen to inhabit your home. However, be very wary about disturbing their spot for they could cause you to get sick or die, unless you excuse yourself by uttering the words tabi tabi po. Telling your kids about the mythical friendly creatures could backfire though, as they delight rather than scare.


    6. White lady

    I'm careful not to use the word mythical when talking about the white lady because I know it exists. It is said to make an aparition to exact vengeance or send a message from the afterlife, and gives motorists a good reason not to pass by the haunted Balete Drive in Quezon City where it is said to show itself at midnight.

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