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  • The Yin And The Yang: Easy-to-follow Feng Shui Tips for Your Child's Study Area

    Welcome the new year with some easy-to-follow feng shui tips for your child.s study area.
    by Lili Narvaez .
  • To your child, his study table is a sacred space. This is where he works overtime, reviewing the day’s counting lesson, creating colorful masterpieces, or practicing writing his name over and over. A curious young mind grows with every passing day; it’s up to you to ensure that his  personal space is conducive to intellectual pursuits. For a study area makeover, we asked Princess Lim Fernandez, feng shui consultant of the Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony at the Mandarin Oriental Manila Hotel in Makati City, to give us some basic feng shui tips on how to create an environment that inspires learning.
    Know What Direction His Table Should FaceThe first rule of feng shui: Never put the study table where your child’s back will be to the door, she says. Follow this crucial step by determining your child’s auspicious direction for academic excellence, Fernandez adds. This lucky spot depends on the last digit of the year he was born.
    Last Digit Direction
    0 North1 Northeast2 East3 Southeast4 South5 Southwest6 West7 Southwest8 West9 Northwest 
    Make Sure He Has A ViewAfter you’ve determined the best place for your child’s desk, look at what kind of view he has from his seat. It would be nice to put the study table facing out the window because this motivates creative ideas. It will also be good for your child because having a far-reaching view means a far-reaching future, explains Fernandez. The sight of blue skies, trees, and maybe some flowers also allows for a happy and calming view. So how about putting some potted plants on the windowsill? But if placing your child’s study table on his lucky spot ends up with him facing a wall, then you  should position bookshelves, pictures, or posters for his view. These will help inspire your child to study.
    Regina Jalbuena, a preschool teacher at Preschooler Camp in Makati City, gives suggestions on how to make pretty wall décor with educational value. Copy scenes from stories your child is familiar with. For example, you can use The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Draw a flower with different colored petals so your child can learn about colors, or a turtle with all sorts of shapes on its shell. Or you can illustrate each day of the week following the caterpillar and what it eats. Know what they’re interested in so the poster becomes more attractive to them.
    Have The Right Kind of LightDon’t place a lamp where your child will end up sitting directly under it. There will be too much heat, and that is not advisable. Opt for a desk lamp. There are two kinds of white light: warm white and daylight white. Choose the warm white, which is a little yellowish. It will give the room a warm feeling. The brightness of the room will also depend on the colors chosen for the walls and the ceiling.
    Keep the ceiling white. He may have a view of the galaxy full of stars before drifting off to sleep,but such a busy scene will distract your child. As for the walls, stick to a bright and happy color your child will like. In the morning, the curtains must be opened to let sunlight into the room. It is a very positive source of energy, of the positive chi, Fernandez says. Doing this cleanses the energy of the room and promotes a cheerful, optimistic perspective in your young one.
    Order: The Right Things in the Right PlaceFeng shui is all about order, good flow, and structure, Fernandez says. A cluttered room leads toa cluttered mind, she adds. Your child’s room has many functions: sleep area, play area, and study area. Keep his room in feng shui order by designating a portion of the room for each of his activities. Make sure he doesn’t study on his bed and he has an actual desk to do his homework during a set study hour. 
    Play things must remain in bins and containers when not in use. Lastly, keep the TV in the den. The less distraction, the better. As for figurines and other feng shui symbols for academic excellence, keep these to a minimum. Young children shouldn’t have a lot in their room because they might end up just breaking them. If you want to put anything on your child’s desk, you can try the promotion dollar with a dragonhead fish, which symbolizes movement. This bill can be placed in a wooden frame on the upper left corner of the table. Fernandez says you can place the agate cicada in the desk drawer, which encourages concentration in children who have difficulty focusing.
    Post Encouraging Notes On The WallThere is one final detail that can help boost your child.s school performance: a corkboard that will act as his achievement and goal board. Pin up school papers or activities where your child got high marks. Tack encouraging phrases and pictures. Make room for the goals your child wants to meet in school. It.s really about learning the basics. numbers, letters, letter sounds, shapes, and colors, says Jalbuena. .It would be better if your child sees it as soon as he wakes up, says Fernandez.
    Lastly, tack a sweet “I love you” note. This will encourage your child to climb even greater heights of academic excellence. 
    Feng shui is all about order, good flow, and structure. A cluttered room leads to a cluttered mind. Follow the feng shui tips above and help your child have a great school year.

    Princess Lim Fernandez, feng shui, consultant, Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony, Mandarin Oriental Manila Hotel, Makati CityRegina Jalbuena, preschool teacher, Preschool Camp, 54 Victoria St., Magallanes Village, Makati City 

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