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  • These Laundry Hacks Will Make Your Clothes Last Longer

    Now you can prevent shirts from shrinking and colors from fading.
These Laundry Hacks Will Make Your Clothes Last Longer
  • Ever noticed how your kids' clothing (and even yours!) sometimes seems a little tighter than it was the last time they wore it? Do you constantly have to buy a new pair of socks because you couldn't find the other half of a pair? Or do you have to turn jeans into shorts because they no longer fit?

    You could be washing your family's clothes the wrong way. Try these laundry hacks that might just save you a lot of money:


    Sort your laundry.

    It's very easy to take this step for granted, especially if you only have a day to wash more than a week's worth of dirty clothes. But apart from separating white clothes from colored ones, it's also important to segregate heavier items like jeans from those made from lighter fabrics like cotton. When you sort your family's clothes, you will be able to use different wash cycles and temperatures, so that no jeans will shrink and no colored clothes will bleed into your whites.

    Make sorting easier by providing your family with more than one laundry basket—try three and label them "whites," "colored," and "jeans."

    Have your kids segregate their clothes right after taking them off. This will also help prevent staining, especially if your tots are fond of throwing damp or sweaty clothes into the pile. It will cut back several minutes from your laundry time, too!

    Read fabric-care labels.

    They exist for a reason: If it says hand-wash only or dry clean only, believe it, especially if the article of clothing is new and you haven't worn it yet.

    Don't use just any laundry detergent.

    Your choice of laundry soap greatly affects the shelf life of your wardrobe items, so make sure you go for a gentle but effective detergent. Try one of Surf's many variants. Each one is expertly formulated to prevent shrinking and color fading and also comes with built-in fabric conditioner to keep your items soft and fresh-smelling for longer.

    Here's another perk of using Surf: You can score all-day free texts and 5MB Facebook data whenever you buy specially marked sachets! Just use the promo code in the packet to redeem your freebies—perfect for keeping moms entertained while you wait between laundry cycles.

    Air-dry whenever possible.

    If you're in no rush, skip the dryer and just hang your clothes out to dry. This, as opposed to spinning, is more gentle on clothing—especially for items that are in heavy rotation in your wardrobe. Keep colored fabrics away from direct sunlight, though, as the sun can lighten or fade dark colors.

    Invest in good hangers.

    Those thin, flimsy wire or plastic hangers may come cheap, but they can cost you more in the long run—when all your clothes are misshapen and you can't wear them anymore! Thick, wooden hangers are great for keeping shoulders intact and last a good long while.

    Skip the plantsa.

    Constant ironing contributes to the faster wear and tear of your clothes because direct heat breaks down the fabric—and colors—over time. Hang not-so-wrinkly clothes in your closet as soon as they're out of the dryer (or after air-drying in daylight), or use a steamer instead. You can also use a blow-dryer to gently smoothen out the creases in a piece made out of light fabric, right before you wear it.

    Remember: In order for them to last and serve you longer, your clothes deserve all the TLC they can get. Check out the Surf Facebook page to find out more about the best variants for your family, and to know more about this Surf promo, which runs from January 8 to May 15 only.

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