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How To Make Your Air Con Cool A Room Faster And More Efficiently
PHOTO BY Dairy Darilag, Hans Fausto
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  • Air conditioning units are indispensable parts of Filipino homes, especially because we live in a country where temperatures are always high. Though we want to stay cool all day, keeping the AC unit turned on for long periods of time is impractical as it uses up a lot of energy and can therefore increase your electricity costs. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to ensure that your air conditioner is efficient in keeping your home cool.

    1. Draw the curtains

    Allowing natural light to stream into your space can help you reduce your lighting costs, but if you want to keep the room cool, draw your curtains closed, especially during the hottest part of the day. Keep them open at night instead.

    2. Use a fan

    Using a fan in tandem with the air conditioning unit may seem wrong, but this will increase the thermostat of your AC, and therefore help you save more money.


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    3. Invest in a dehumidifier

    Along with a fan, it would be great to use a dehumidifier while your AC is turned on. This will take away the humidity in the air, leaving it dry and easier for the AC unit to cool down. A dehumidifier, therefore, will make it so that you won’t have to turn your AC more often.

    4. Expel hot air

    Hot air can accumulate indoors, especially when you're cooking. To expel this and make your air conditioner a lot more effective, use an exhaust fan, or a simple floor fan.

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    5. Ensure that your AC is in good condition

    Before issues with the efficiency of your AC unit arise, better to keep them at bay by performing regular maintenance on it. This involves cleaning or replacing filters, cleaning the coils, or calling the help of a professional, if necessary.

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    6. Keep your thermostat settings constant

    Constantly changing the settings of your thermostat can be very energy-inefficient. The recommended setting is 78 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius, but when there is no one home, the setting can be turned up. Otherwise, don’t alter it too much, to help save money as well.

    7. Don’t keep your unit running all day

    Yes, we live in a tropical country, but every now and then, AC units should be turned off. Not only does keeping it on increase your electricity costs, but it can also cause your unit to break down quickly.

    Source: The Spruce

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