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  • This Beautiful Tent-Style Bed was Built From Scratch by a Mom

    It's so well made that it looks like it belongs in an upscale furniture store
  • Photo from Hellobowsers.com

    Bedtime is up there with emergency meetings and backlog e-mails on a parents’ list of daily stressful events. Adults like going to bed, in fact it’s one of the best parts of the day, but with kids it’s a different story. They just don’t like it. However, get them this bed and they just might come running at your first mention of “bedtime”. 

    Sarah, the mom behind the blog Hello Bowsers, built a tent-style bed all on her own that's complete with side windows, a pull-out for sleepovers, and grass and stars details for her baby (who’s still a few years short from being able to use it but no matter, it can wait).

    She decided to make one herself when she stumbled on a website that had a teepee bed for toddlers on sale for $2,000. She though it would be perfect for her baby but that the price was too much. When she couldn’t get over how amazing and perfect the bed was, she finally decided to DIY it.

    First, she spent days studying her bed inspiration and drawing up schematics. Then, she bought the materials and spent weeks on woodwork and detailing. The product of her hard work was a personalized beautiful tent-style bed.

    Photo from Hellobowsers.com

    Photo from Hellobowsers.com

    Photo from Hellobowsers.com

    Photo from Hellobowsers.com

    “I am very proud of myself!” she wrote. “I think someone else is proud of me too and excited to be in his new bed,” she added talking about her son.

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    In the meantime, while you're still building your child's personalized tent-style bed from this guide prepared by Sarah, here's a tip from a sleep specialist and pediatric pulmonologist Dr. Roland dela Eva to get your child to bed: condition your child to feel sleepy when it's nearing his bedtime.

    “To condition your child, you have to do a lot of preparation. So, if you say that bedtime is at nine o’clock, he should be prepared for nine o’clock. Parents should develop rituals or routines so the child will be conditioned. His system will be accustomed to what he usually does every night,” he says.  

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