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  • Photo from @sweethearts_hair_design/Instagram

    UK-based hairstylist Beth Belshaw decided she didn't want to give her two daughters basic hairdos. Because she IS a hairstylist.

    Aside from running her online hair shop, Beth documents her hair adventures on Instagram and YouTube. Her hairstyles have gained such a huge following online that she has almost 500,000 followers on IG alone.


    Check out her four-strand braid:

    How 'bout her half birdcage braid:

    Her ballet bun will make ballerinas envious:

    Here’s a hybrid of a pretzel braid and pigtails:

    Check out her pretty braided updo:

    These flower rosettes are so pretty.

    This stinkin’ cute bow hair:

    Her braided bun is far from basic.

    And a soft dutch braid updo that we’re dying to learn how to do:

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