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  • Tips to Get your Home Organized, Part 2

    Little things can pile up and turn into a big problem. Overcome clutter with these easy tips.
    by Becky Kho .
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    17. Don’t be dazzled by gadgets.
    Regina Lim opts to keep her kitchen countertops and drawers only with essentials - hot water pot, rice cooker, basic cooking tools. Her philosophy: “Before I buy a kitchen gadget, I always ask if there is really a use for it. I look through what I already have and see if any of the items I have can double as something else. Why would I buy a garlic press when a simple whack of the knife will do? Apple corer - no thanks. The knife can slice away the apple core.”

    18. Go for multifunctional furniture.
    Nowadays, savvy furniture design makes clutter management easier. Cleverly-hidden storage spaces can be found in desks, coffee tables, media cabinets, and the like. Cherry Chan-Tan, who has three children under the age of six at home, appreciates additional and secret storage.
    For example, she says, “We have a coffee table with inconspicuous drawers for storing remote controls, pads and pens, and whatnot.”

    19. Give up the freebie dependency.
    Is your kitchen or dining table littered with free notepads, tote bags, bag clips, pouches, booklets, etc? Free promotional items that come with supermarket purchases can easily fill counters and cupboards. If you don’t need them - seriously need them - don’t bother getting them. Trade the joy of scoring a freebie for the joy of having a clutter-free space.  

    20. Give homemade art the gallery treatment.
    Cherry Can-Tan’s school-age kids, Dave and Cady, love to make artwork and cards for their grandparents. “My husband and I frame their ‘masterpieces’ and hang them on a ‘hall of fame’ wall near the playroom. This way, their hard work gets acknowledged and appreciated, and they feel some sense of accomplishment.”

    Cres Yulo does the same and solves a space predicament at the same time: “All our windows [in the condo] are floor-to-ceiling glass. We get both morning and afternoon sun so you can just imagine the heat in our place. I got several foam boards and embellished them with Clara’s artworks. I put the boards on the ledge to shield us from the blazing rays of the sun. So we have an instant gallery as well.”


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