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  • WATCH: Kids With Tablets Do Not Notice Parents Get Replaced By Strangers

    This is funny but, at the same time, it brings to focus the effect of screen-time on kids.
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .

  • Video from: Dolmio/Youtube

    Our electronic gadgets, from tablets to smartphones, are never far from our hands, and our eyes are constantly glued to our screens. That goes for grown-ups and kids. It becomes pretty easy to block out everything else around us. But do we realize just how much we tune out? Mom and dad can be exchanged with total strangers, and the kids probably wouldn’t notice. Well, at least, that's what happened with the kids in the video above by a pasta sauce company. (Don’t worry. They had a good chuckle about it – with their real parents – soon after!)

    The video starts off with the kids at the dinner table, hands on their tablets. First, simple things get replaced like a painting here, and a flower vase there. The kids don’t notice at all. Then, unusual items are brought in the house like a man-sized inflatable rubber tree. The kids still don’t notice. Finally, the parents and siblings, who were seated right next to them, walk off and is replaced by someone else. Still nothing! 

    Until, of course, the Wi-Fi is turned off with a device called the Dolmio Pepper Hacker (a pepper grinder with a feature that turns off the Wi-Fi for 30 minutes). The kids look up from their tablets to see strangers sitting around the dinner table where their moms, dads, and siblings should be. Before the kids get too freaked out, the real parents appear and everyone, including the kids and the newcomers, have a good laugh. 

    It’s a simple experiment to show just how much we need to disconnect, especially at the dinner table. What do you think, would you want a Dolmio Pepper Hacker in your household?

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