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  • When a yaya quits in the middle of the month are you obligated to give her a full month's pay or just the pro-rated daily rate?

    Read on to find out how much to give yaya.
    by Anne Macalino-Santos .
  • This really depends on what you formally agreed upon employment. It’s better to set this straight upon hiring to avoid any confusion and conflict later on. The most common practice is a once-a-week, whole day off, while others prefer once every two weeks, overnight. Whether this would be on a weekday or a weekend should also be discussed between you and your yaya.

    According to the Labor Code, the law requires you, the employer, to pay the yaya’s pro-rated daily wage.  However, if the yaya leaves without a justifiable reason, she forfeits any unpaid salary of work done for not more than fifteen days.

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