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  • Watch: When Yaya Knows More About the Kids

    The video is a bit unsettling to watch.But the message isn't exactly what you're thinking.
    Published Mar 28, 2016

  • Video from I Give A Day Off/Youtube

    If you clicked "play" already, working moms may find that the video may be a bitter pill to swallow. But the message of the video is not exactly what you're thinking right now.

    The video from Singapore is for #igiveadayoff, a public education campaign that aims to encourage Singaporean households to voluntarily give their househelp a weekly day off. Only 40 percent of household workers are given weekly day offs, even though it is legally mandated. To raise awareness, the video comes with this strong message: "what may help the bonding with your child is also a fundamental worker's right." 

    The video shows parents and their family's househelps in a split screen. Both get asked questions about the child, questions like the name of the child's best friend, his favorite subject in school, and what he wants to be when he grows up. You probably know where this is heading: All the mothers shown had wrong answers, while the yayas had the right answers.

    At one point, one mom reveals that whenever her daughter has nightmares, she will only scream and cry in bed but won't wake up.

    But the yaya says, "She'll wake up and look for me because she's scared."

    The video then cuts to the daughter saying that, whenever she's scared at night, she wakes up and tells her "auntie," what Singaporean children call the family maid, to sleep beside her.

    The video certainly drives its point home.  

    How did you find the video? Sound off at the comment section below.  

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