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    I caught my helper lying about stealing money and using my personal stuff. However, as it is so hard to find a helper these days, and since that was the first time it happened, I decided to let it go and give her another chance. Was I wrong about this decision?

    Trust and confidence in any household is paramount. It is the backbone for all major decisions and concerns. Honesty is something that should be demanded from every member of the staff. Without it, teamwork is not possible and paranoia and discord will become inevitable.

    Although this incident is the first … it could also be the first of many others. Allowing such behavior even though your staffer has never done it before could set a bad precedent. Your other helpers may feel that you are playing favorites or worse yet, that you are condoning such acts.

    Personally, trust is such an integral part of my household that I cannot see myself keeping the staffer in question. However, I am certain that there are many factors that you may want to consider before reaching this point.


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