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  • Why you should cover up this summer with a reliable sunscreen lotion

    Make sure you and your family are safe from the sun's harmful rays with a product that offers powerful protection.
  • Banana BoastThe heat of summer is beckoning. Kids are home, grownups are up and about and everyone seems to have this urge to go out and do something. Be it trekking in the mountains, walking on the beach, or dipping in the water, it’s all about being in, and taking in, the experience of the season. 


    A constant factor among all of these activities is the intense heat of the sun. Although the sun powers us to get up and go, too much exposure has its hazards.  Potentially harmful UV rays come along with the sun's warmth, resulting in various forms of skin damage.

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    While the UV radiation that gets to our skin provides us with the means to produce Vitamin D, there is also the risk of acquiring too much UVB.  This causes sunburn, and along with UVA, long-term skin damage. Since there’s no way of avoiding the sun’s rays especially this summer, enjoy guilt-free, outdoor fun by putting on protection, which products such as Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion offers.

    Formulated with AvoTriplex technology, a rub down of Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion offers the skin a three-tiered protection from harmful UV radiation. The benefits of applying Banana Boat Sunscreen are defense against sunburn with its UVB protection and against long-term skin damage with its UVA protection. It also lasts longer than ordinary sunscreen. Those are the facts that make Banana Boat Sunscreen lotions a cut above other sunscreen lotions in the market.  


    Of course, there’s always the challenge of striking a balance between getting a good amount of sun and getting too much of it. Banana Boat addresses the challenge with different products that offer different levels of protection. With their core products of Banana Boat Ultra Protect SPF50 and Banana Boat Ultra Protect SPF80, the sunscreen doesn’t only protect, but also offers an invigorating dose of Aloe Vera, to hydrate your skin while protecting it. 


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