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6 DIY Ideas To Organize Your Cable Clutter At Home
  • It’s always an eyesore seeing wires and cords tangled around your home. These can also serve as potential tripping or choking hazards, especially if you have little kids running around all the time. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend too much to keep those cords under control. These cord and wire management hacks only require items easily found at home and are not time-consuming to prepare!

    6 DIY ways to organize your wires and cords

    Use tissue paper rolls

    After you use up your entire roll of tissue, don’t throw out the paper tubes just yet — you can use these to hold together all sorts of wires and cords, from laptop and cellphone chargers to longer extension cords. You can also label each tube to make it easier to distinguish which is which.

    Repurpose your bread tags

    Those bread tags used to secure plastic wraps for sliced bread can be repurposed to label your wires and cords. You can also use small strips of duct tape as an alternative if you don’t have any bread tags at home.

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    Use old CD spindles

    CD spindles were originally used to store CDs, but you can also use them to hold your longer cords so they don’t get tangled or damaged.

    Use Velcro tape

    Cut up some strips of Velcro tape and use them to bundle together your cords and wires. To make the wires easier to distinguish, label each strip of tape accordingly.

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    Make a homemade charging station


    Got any old shoeboxes lying around your house? Put them to good use by making a DIY charging station. Simply place the sockets of your extension cord inside the box, cut out a few holes on the long side of the box, and thread the cords through the holes. You can even decorate the box to make it look prettier.

    Repurpose old sunglasses cases

    Have to take your chargers and earphones with you when you go out? Keep them in order by stowing them inside an old sunglasses case.

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