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  • Yaya Days Off: 3 Things to Consider

    Proper rest is often undervalued in most households - make sure it doesn’t happen in yours.
    by Tisha C. Bautista .
  • calendarI am often asked as to how long or how often Yaya’s day off should be. As in many instances, I will encourage you to be fair and equitable. When you think of the number of hours your staffer actually puts in, it would be in your best interest to allow her sufficient rest.


    Keep the following in mind:

    1. To maintain or increase the efficiency of your staffer’s performance, it would be good to have a “break” from her work place. This physical distance will allow her a “change of scenery” necessary for her mental and emotional well-being.

    Being away from a place and the people in it allows us all a fresh perspective including a general appreciation of the daily things we take for granted. This “appreciation” is meant for both ends of the spectrum --- the yaya who is grateful for her employment as well as her employer who becomes appreciative of the value of the staffer’s work.



    2. As in all activities, balance is always key. All hard work must be met with genuine rest. After all, exhaustion will not help anyone nor any household. Although general guidelines for the frequency and duration can always be given, it is also important to be flexible. If one particular week was filled to the rim with activities, you can always make an exception to the rule by adding or extending your usual day-off schedule.


    3. Most household schedules range from 2 days off in a month to 4 days off in a month. Each day is usually considered a span of 24 hours where a staffer can expect to stay out overnight. Other employers, however, are not very comfortable with this arrangement especially when their staffers are very young.

    Still, some households do a “hybrid” where they are allowed two full 24-hour periods and two 12-hour periods. The latter usually refer to “free days” or “free nights”. Still dependent on the situation of the individual, many employees would prefer to bunch up their days off in order to save on transportation expenses.


    Click here to learn more about giving yaya days off.

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