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  • Yayas and Helpers: Stay-In vs Live Out

    Here are some points to consider on whether to hire a stay-in yaya versus a live out yaya.
    by Tisha C. Bautista .
  • 3. Space Constraints
    The number of full-time employees can also be determined by the living space available. Especially in buildings, staff quarters are usually not big enough to accommodate more than one or two people, hence, the need for other staffers to go home at the end of the day. Upon analysis, how many people can be comfortably accommodated within your space?

    4. Staff relationships
    It is common to hear about “hell breaking loose” when too many people are involved in a situation. A host of uncomfortable situations, from gossiping to theft to downright catfights can ensue. To guard against this, many households keep full-time staff to a minimum. Do you already have too many staffers living with you?

    Regardless of the number of full or part-time employees you choose, it is important to note that excess is not necessarily a good thing. Assess your household and really see how many people you need and in what capacity. Sometimes it is better to add to the responsibility of a capable staffer and adjust her compensation package accordingly rather than hiring another person to do the job. Also, understand that when you combine the two types of helpers, you must make sure that the salary structure of one is not prejudiced against the other especially with the more senior staffer. That is, assess what you are giving one member of your household, seeing to it that even if packages were compared, the bottom line benefits would be fair and equitable. The last thing you would want is a long-time employee wracked with “tampo” and “sama ng loob” after hearing what a colleague is receiving for work rendered.

    Make sure to always come from a place of just practices. Compute compensation packages in a way that is beyond reproach. You will find that once achieved, harmony and efficiency may improve in your home.


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