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  • Your 2014 Forecast: What’s in Store for you in the New Year?

    Find out how both your Western and Chinese zodiac signs will fare this 2014.

    How will each ascendant sign fare in 2014?

    Santiago: “My forecasts are based on one’s ascendant sign, which is determined by the combination of [your] birthdate and time of birth.” Find out yours when you go to alabe.biz/freechart.

    “I will be discussing only one planet, the positive planet, Jupiter. In general, we use Jupiter to predict the lucky influences on one’s life, because Jupiter is the big planet; it is the planet of expansion and luck in general.


     “Jupiter is in the fourth house of home and family, so his luck will be coming from the family members. There can be positive developments regarding his home, residence in general. There might even be a need to expand or to relocate.


     “On the first half of the year, luck will be coming from siblings. Travel and learning [will be] prominent. On the second half of the year, it is the time to concentrate on family matters.


     “The first half of the year is good for money matters. There will be more profit if they are in business. If they are not in business, this might be a good period to start a business, especially from March to May. 


     “This is a very good year for Cancerians because the first half of the year is the beginning of the 12-year cycle for them, which means they can start a new life—either a new job, a new relationship or anything new. It’s alright for them to explore. 



     “The same [forecast as Cancer] goes [as well] for ascendant Leos, but [instead for] the second half of the year. [In particular,] luck on career or relationship on the second half of the year.


     “This is a good time for them to go out, join organizations and be with friends. Luck will be coming from their friends.


     “This is a good year for them in their careers, there will be recognition for those with ascendant sign Libra and also a good time to start a business. The best time is on the second half of the year, from August onwards.


     “There are many influences on Scorpio. There can be a form of limitation and generally speaking, imitation in their careers. But then, as the year progresses, there can be opportunities abroad or from somebody abroad. Towards the end of the year, there will also be recognition for Scorpio ascendants.


     “This is a good time to enter in a business partnership. The banks will trust them. They can maximize or use the resources of others. 


     “It’s the best time for love. If they are single, it’s a good time to get into a relationship on the second quarter of the year. This is also a good time to get married.


     “For Aquarius, it’s the same thing, [but a better time for] love and marriage on the second half of the year.”


     “This is a good time for creativity or if they are married couples, it’s a good time to have a child.

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    On family life:

     “There is a need for parents to address the emotions—the emotional needs of their children in the first half of the year. In the second half of the year, they should focus on their children’s needs when it comes to creativity and confidence.”


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