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  • 10 Watercolor Paintings That Beautifully Capture a Father's Love

    All together now... "Awww!"
  • Nothing brings on the awwws more than a hands-on dad (and since we're on the topic, David Beckham bringing daughter Harper to see her mom's fashion show makes him even hotter!). But we were not prepared for the waterworks when we spotted these illustrations at  

    These watercolor paintings by Snezhana Soosh, who is an artist and illustrator from Ukraine, show how a dad's heart grows fuller after having a child (and will do anything for her!) and perfectly capture the special bond between a dad and a daughter. 

    Take a look and be smitten by a father's love. 

    1. A father doesn't mind getting dainty and girly for his daughter. His tenderness and care are the ultimate displays of his strength.

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    2. He helps uplift his child to become the best person she can be, making her feel like she's on top of the world!

    3. A dad is his daughter's superhero. He watches over her to make her feel secure and safe, whether from monsters under the bed or real-life dangers. 


    4. Yes, he might be tasked to bring home the bacon, but a father makes time for his kids no matter how long his to-do list is.

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    5. They might be silly, but a dad will do anything for his daughter--even just to see her smile or laugh wholeheartedly.

    6. When the little one needs Dad, he's there to support her, hold her hand, and never let go as long as she needs him to stay with her. 

    7. A father plays with her daughter so they can learn from each other.

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    8. Dad also helps breathes oxygen into the fire within her child's spirit--to inspire creativity and widen her imagination.

    9. He also encourages her to try things that may be outside her comfort zone to discover new stuff about herself and the world around her.

    10. At the end of the each day, a daughter no matter her age will always find comfort and security in how her father loves her.


    All photos by Snezhana Soosh. To see more of her artworks, follow her on Instagram.


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