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    This aricle was updated on March 30, 2015

    Inner peace is not a transient emotion but a state of mind. Having inner peace does not mean that you will never feel lonely or sad -- you still will, but what will make you different from everyone else is that, despite the hard times, you have this inner resolve that will help you see things through. Inner peace lets you see the beauty of life without frustration, aggression and stress. How does one achieve inner peace? Follow these tips:

    1. Want peace.
    Naturally the first step to achieving anything is to truly want it. Think hard: is a life free from negativity the kind of life you want? The answer would seem obvious, but you'll be surprised that some of its central dogmas go against human nature such as mild gossip, doubt and mistrust.

    2. Forgive and let go.
    We all may have certain resentments toward other people who may have done something to hurt us in the past. It can be as silly as a childhood friend teasing you in school or as serious as being intentionally hurt by the person you care most about. For some people, these unresolved issues can turn into hatred, and hatred is a heavy feeling to hold on to. In order to have inner peace, we should learn to forgive and let go. As you let go you, you will feel a sense of freedom, and with freedom, a true appreciation for life and an understanding of why people are the way they are.

    3. Find contentment
    To many people, contentment is tantamount to having money, a high-ranking position at work, expensive cars and jewelries. These, however, make finding contentment a hard thing to achieve. Finding contentment means being happy with what you have and not be envious or hateful of others who have more than you do. See what is deeply important in your life, like your children, your partner, your health and well-being. Note that it’s not wrong to strive for material comforts as long as these material things don’t dictate the way you live.


    4. Live in the moment
    We often let life slip away because we are too anxious of the future and bitter about the past. Life passes by so quickly. Treat people like it’s the last time you’re going to see them. Be kind and helpful. Show the people in your life how special they are and how much you love them. Doing so will let you see the positive side of life.   

    5. Meditate
    Meditation brings about a deep state of relaxation and a quiet mind. During meditation, focus your attention to eliminating the stream of negative repetitive thoughts that may be clouding your mind and causing stress. This promotes physical and emotional well being. Meditation also gives a sense of calm, and harmony that can help carry you more calmly through your day.

    Anyone can practice meditation. It's simple and it doesn't require any formal classes. You can practice meditation wherever you are. A great technique is just to close your eyes, breathe deeply and immerse yourself in the sound of your surroundings. The key is to focus on your breathing.

    6. Overcome your weaknesses
    First, identify which areas in your life you are most sensitive about. Which aspects do you feel you are inadequate in? Jot them down on a piece of paper and classify whether they are valid or not. Once you have done so, it will be easier to get rid of them. Simply step away and become more conscious of your behavior and take steps to improve yourself in ways only you can have a feel for.

    7. Put yourself first
    This doesn’t mean that you should stop caring for others. Some of us don’t realize that we are giving too much. Learn to receive and be thankful.

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    8. Accept what cannot be changed.
    Whether its decisions we’ve made in the past or a person we care about that you’ve tried so much to help but still can’t change, we should just accept that we can’t make everything the way we want them to be, but we can learn to live comfortably with those things and see the good behind whatever they are.

    9. Be grateful
    Realize that a lot of the things you have in life are from the good graces of other people. As you give, you also receive. Often times we are so caught up in the grind of daily life that we forget that a mere thank you can move mountains. Life can be hard, but gratitude, given sincerely, can ease its burdens.

    10. Lead your life to a positive direction
    Where are you in your life right now? Stop and think. Live for the sake of living, love for the sake of loving and give because it’s the right thing to do.

    These are the pathways for inner peace. It is up to you to decide how your new story begins. Find what you’re looking for and come back for what you have missed! It is never too late.

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