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  • 2021 Is A Good Year To Give Birth, According To Chinese Astrology

    But married couples should be careful, said a feng shui expert.
    by Jocelyn Valle .
2021 Is A Good Year To Give Birth, According To Chinese Astrology
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  • Being pregnant during COVID-19 pandemic presents a LOT of challenges. But giving birth while the global health crisis is still going on may bring good luck (fingers crossed).

    Now, that is good news for the 2 million babies expected to be born this year.

    If the birth date falls between February 12, 2021 (Chinese New Year) and January 31, 2022, the baby will be born in the year of the Metal Ox, according to the lunar calendar. 

    Metal symbolizes longevity, stability, self-control, and greatness. Thus, Chinese astrology specialists believe this is going to be a good year for giving birth.

    The Chinese Zodiac lists the months of May, June, July, August, and September as the best months for mothers to deliver their babies in 2021.

    Traits of the “Ox” baby

    Children born in the year of the Ox are said to possess a lot of self-control. They don’t often throw tantrums (raised eyebrow here), though they can be stubborn at times. They like discipline and to follow a schedule. They aren’t fussy eaters, but they want to be fed at set hours.


    Now, before you go further, we know the Ox baby sounds like the well-behaved child of your dreams. You do not need to go further here if astrology annoys you.

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    We know a child's character largely depends on how he was raised, not the stars! But, instilling the said traits of Ox kids? It is not a bad idea to add to your child-rearing repertoire.                  

    The Ox children are known to grow up fast. They pick up directions easily and deal with expectations skillfully. They are focused on their path, so attempts to change their minds will mostly likely end in vain and frustrate those trying to sway their decisions.

    When not treated right, the children born under this zodiac sign can turn quite temperamental. They need time to calm down, so they better be left alone after an angry outburst. They respond to solid arguments in reaching an agreement. That’s because they go for logic and reason rather than feelings and emotions.


    What’s in store for the year of the Metal Ox

    Feng shui expert Marites Allen said that 2021 can be the time for rebuilding career and health following the “stresses” brought by the past year.

    She added that businesses related to technology, e-commerce, healthcare, and the like will trend this year. But she warned against changing jobs and shifting careers.

    When it comes to the affairs of the heart, Allen cautioned couples about “infidelity” and “betrayal” because “2021 is actually a year when marriages could be challenged.”

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