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Late Mom Inspires Daughter To Help Kids Buy Laptops: 'I Want To Make Her Proud'
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Diane Reyes
  • Not all kids are born in families with the same capacity to provide for their needs. But as the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child,” This village is now online, just like children’s education this year. 

    Due to COVID-19, schools are not allowed to conduct face-to-face classes, and lessons are taught online. Without an Internet connection or a smartphone, tablet, or computer, kids can use photocopied modules. But it’s not an available option in some schools. 

    We often see celebrities donating gadgets to children who need it most. You can also see people sharing posts of children asking for support so they can buy a laptop. 

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    “I got curious and wondered, ‘Bakit walang platform for this?’” Diane Reyes, 30, shared with Smartparenting.com.ph via email. But like many people who want to help but are wary of individuals who take advantage of such situations, Diane slept on it. The next day, Ayuda Pang Eskwela was born. 

    In a way, the nudge that gave Diane to put up Ayuda Pang Eskwela is her mom, who died of brain compression last year. “She always had a soft heart for people in need. She has always been in my mind since she passed last year. I want to continue to make her proud even if she’s not with me,” Diane shared. 

    When the first student helped by Ayuda Pang Eskwela wrote back to thank Diane, she cried reading his Facebook message and shared it on her mom's Facebook page

    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Diane Reyes

    "Grabe iyak ko after reading his post and his message. I really hope you're smiling down on us from heaven. I miss you so much, Mama," Diane wrote. "How I wish you're still here with us and for you to see all the good deeds we are doing for these people," she added. 


    PHOTO BY Screenshot with permission Diane Reyes
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    What is Ayuda Pang Eskwela and how you can help

    Like the GoFundMe site, Ayuda Pang Eskwela is a platform where students in need of financial support for online schooling can “meet” donors who can share their resources. All you need to do is join the group to see the posts of students or parents of younger kids. 

    Ayuda moderators screen and verify these posts and set a target amount beforehand, so donors can start donating directly via the benefactors’ GCash. Supporters who wish to donate a used gadget are also allowed via Ayuda Pang Eskwela moderators.  

    “What’s unique about Ayuda Pang Eskwela is the extra touch that we give by really interacting with each beneficiary/donee instead of mass approving all pending posts,” Diane shared. “This also builds the credibility of the group aligned with our guiding principles,” she added.

    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Diane Reyes

    Once the target amount is reached, the parents or students update Ayuda Pang Eswela, and the post will be tagged as “fulfilled.” That way, other donors can then help other beneficiaries. Parents or students are also required to provide the community with proof that they used the money for their online schooling needs. 


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    Growing the community to be able to help more students

    Diane envisions the group to be a “community of trust, integrity, and empathy” that sparks “a movement of hope, kindness, and freedom to pursue dreams.” In the 28 days after Ayuda Pang Eskwela started, it raised nearly P2.5 million funds to help 501 students. On National Heroes Day alone, it was able to help 41 students to close their first month. 

    In the future, Ayuda Png Eskwela aims to provide not just monetary or material support. The community has programs to help the students in the works. These include different tools and information that will equip them with personal and professional growth, such as coaching and mentoring.

    But to help more students not just financially, Ayuda Pang Eskwela needs more funds and donors. With this in mind, the community has launched initiatives such as Ayuda From The Art, a private art auction for artists and the students. 

    If you want to help, join and follow the legit social media pages of the Ayuda Pang Eskwela Facebook group (facebook.com/groups/ayudapangeskwela) and Instagram (@ayudapangeskwela).

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