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  • Would You Throw Your Daughter A Party for Her First Period?

    We're definitely loving and adopting (pun intended) one.
    by Rachel Perez .
Would You Throw Your Daughter A Party for Her First Period?
PHOTO BY Autum Jenkins/Twitter; Frank Somerville KTVU/Facebook; BierYoga/Facebook
  • The World Wide Web has almost everything, from the good, the bad, the ugly -- and the weird. This week, we encountered three fun but crazy ideas by real people. If you think about it, there not so bad at all, perhaps only different? But different isn't automatically wrong. Look!

    Exercise may be finally fun because of beer yoga

    You read that right. Beer yoga is now a thing, and if you think it's a crazy idea, well, we won't argue with you there. But there's supposedly a science behind it.   

    According to The Huffington Post, Germany’s BierYoga appears to have started the trend. (We'd like to note that Germany has a beer-loving culture; after all, it is the land of the most famous beer festival, Oktoberfest.) Beer yoga involves holding or balancing a beer bottle as you hold a pose or do body-bending stretches. It isn't an empty beer bottle -- it's your reward after the exercise. So if you want to guzzle a good brew, you need to perfect and hold those poses. 

    BierYoga's hour-long beer yoga classes are making its way to Australia, and it has also been making rounds in the U.S. Have we finally found the ideal couple fitness routine your husband will like? (fhm.com.ph)

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    You never look at red-themed parties the same again


    Children's parties today have gone from simple get-together dinners to extravagant full-on event production. And it seems every milestone now gets a celebration. 

    Shelly Lee of Florida decided to throw her 12-year-old daughter, Brooke, a "period party" and gifted her with tampons and sanitary pads. Her cake was decorated with red icing, of course, and it's chocolate-flavored because the serotonin will "help Brooke's first period." Shelly thought the party would help her daughter to overcome the anxiety over getting her first menstrual cycle. Brooke's close friends and family were present to celebrate her womanhood.

    Netizens found the "period party" cute. And while some of you probably have mixed feelings about it (we bet it's because of the red cake), we think it sends a good message about how our girls should feel normal, unembarrassed, and free to talk about their menstrual cycle. (buzzfeed.com)

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    A new occasion to celebrate for adoptive families

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    Speaking of celebrations, what a thrill if this milestone is celebrated this way by adoptive families everywhere. 

    Jessica Cunha wanted her 8-month-old son Benjamin Lawrence to remember the day he was officially adopted. She wanted him to know that he had birth parents who "made the most selfless decision of their lives and placed him in our arms and made us the happiest people in the world."

    To mark this milestone in their family, they had a "Happy Gotcha Day!" photo shoot. Now, we often use the expression "gotcha" when we successfully trick someone. But, in the Cunha family, the word means they have Benjamin's back. "We want Benjamin to always know that he wasn't a mistake or unwanted. He was handpicked just for us." Awww. (popsugar.com)

    What other parents are reading

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