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  • 11 Celeb Moms Share Candid Photos of Their Breastfeeding Reality

    Breastfeeding is beautiful expression of love but it is not without its challenges.
    by Rachel Perez .
11 Celeb Moms Share Candid Photos of Their Breastfeeding Reality
  • These celebrity moms are committed to giving their babies the best nutrition and protection. They are big believers of the advantages of breastfeeding. But we applaud them more for opening up about their nursing truths and struggles.

    Marian Rivera Dantes

    Marian Rivera was so committed to breastfeeding her son Ziggy that she ended up with extra breast milk, which she donated happily. “If kinaya ko, kayang-kaya niyo din! Breastfeeding is life-saving and has lots of benefits for the baby, mom, entire family, and the environment, too.” Marian also breastfed daughter Zia.


    Bianca Gonzalez-Intal

    Bianca Gonzalez has expressed her desire to breastfeed her second daughter Carmen for two years, just like she did with Lucia. But it has not been easy. On Instagram, Bianca shared a photo that showed her daughter Carmen latched to her breast and eldest Lucia was squeezed in between her legs. Her caption: “Breastfeeding is tough, unglamorous, exhausting, but I guess we do what we feel is best for us and our children!”

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    Karel Marquez-Fariñas

    Karel  Marquez is currently nursing her third and youngest, Kobe, and hopes for more breastfeeding-friendly areas where moms can nurse or pump milk with ease and without judgment. “Some people may feel weirded out by looking at [breastfeeding], but it is nice to be educated on why moms do this, and how it can be ‘not really fun,’ and more because we need to, for our babies. It’s [a] labor of love,” she wrote as a caption for a photo of her expressing milk. 


    Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio

    “The success of breastfeeding is not dependent on mom alone but includes the entire society around her, as they express support and compassion and sensitivity to our situation.” Rica Peralejo chose to do direct latching to younger son Manu, which meant Rica needs to bring Manu if she has to leave the house. She shared the photo above when she got her teeth cleaned while breastfeeding, which drew mixed reactions from her followers on Instagram.


    Sitti Navarro Ramirez

    Sitti reflected on her breastfeeding journey recently after she passed the sixth-month mark of her goal to breastfeed for a year. “It hasn’t been easy; there have been trying, tiring times, but I made a commitment to Lilibubs. As long as I can, as long as my body produces milk, possibly as long as she wants, I will nurse her.” Sitti said the first three months were full of nursing struggles, which you can read about here.


    Kylie Padilla Abrenica

    “Breastfeeding was the most intimate thing I have ever experienced in my life... What I love most about it is the eye contact I have with my baby boy,” Kylie Padilla shared on Instagram. She revealed she stopped nursing Alas a few weeks after finding out she was pregnant with baby number two. One of Kylie’s breastfeeding photos, the one where she nursed in a public restroom, stirred up a conversation about the need for more nursing stations in public establishments.


    Andi Manzano-Reyes

    Andi Manzano exclusively breastfed her daughter Olivia for two years and never gave her the bottle. For her second daughter Amelia, Andi had shown how nursing can be different with each child, and that was okay. “With Amelia, she’s still exclusively breastfed, but I started giving her the bottle recently. It kinda broke my heart, but I know things will be different with this little one or with two kids. I have to constantly remind myself that it’s okay,” Andi stressed.

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    Lara Quigaman Alcaraz

    Lara Quigaman was feeling guilty when she got back to work and had to do mixed feeding for her younger son, Tobias. She still did direct nursing at night, but he was asleep most of the time. Lara felt her son started rejecting her breast. "For us who are struggling, it’s time to stop feeling guilty. We did our best,” Lara stressed. “Grateful for moments like this.” 


    Miriam Quiambao Roberto

    “Breastfeeding my son Elijah was one of my most cherished experiences as a mother. I feel privileged to be used as God’s vessel for my son’s nourishment and nurturing,” Miriam Quiambao wrote. She said the experience has strengthened the bond between her and her son who makes his mom happy each time he would pause nursing and smile at her.


    LJ Reyes

    LJ Reyes shared a photo of her breastfeeding daughter Summer Ayana while onboard a boat during a family vacation. “Nursing here, there, everywhere! Who can relate?! Pag nanay ka talaga kahit saan kahit ano pwede na to!”  The mom of two dreams of more breastfeeding-friendly places and more family diaper changing rooms in public places.


    Cristalle Belo Pitt

    Cristalle Belo said breast milk helped Hunter grow strong who he was born prematurely. Some netizens expressed their surprise at her decision to breastfeed because she could afford formula. But Cristalle was quick to correct the notion and stressed breast milk is “super duper best for babies.”

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