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  • I Didn't Understand Why My Mom Did This, But I Thank Her Now

    PLDT-Smart launches a web series in time for Mother's Day.
I Didn't Understand Why My Mom Did This, But I Thank Her Now
  • It takes a village to raise a child, the proverb goes. But it also takes a village to form a mother. You're the mom you are now because of the people who've helped raise you.

    Your own mother is likely your biggest parenting influence. At the same time, various family members also took on mommy duties when you were growing up.

    Filipinos are known for having large extended families. You may have balked when your mom insisted on sending you to your grandparents in the province every summer instead of letting you hang out with your friends.

    You also wondered why she made it a point to attend those large family gatherings where, every month, you had to politely greet all your titos and titas and play with your cousins, even when you'd rather stay home and watch TV.

    There were times you would sulk and mope, but now that you are a mom yourself, you realize that your mother was raising you the best way she knew how: with the support of the people around you. You were a product of that loving upbringing.

    How have these people shaped you into the mother you are now? Let us count the ways:

    Your lola

    You might have hated spending summer vacation time away from your barkada, having to travel hours and hours to your grandparents' home in the province. Those trips helped you to discover and value your family heritage, through the stories your lola shared.

    Your tita

    Those family reunions you wanted to skip actually helped you build good relationships with your tita who was also your second mom, always ready to lend a hand. She proved she could be as selfless as a mother each time she took care of you when Mama had to be away, and no one else could watch over you. She could have chosen to put herself first. Instead, she decided to spend time with you.

    Your dad

    While Mama was an OFW, you developed a strong bond with your papa, too, as he did his best to take care of you. There were bloopers aplenty, but oh how he made you laugh! Maybe discussing puberty with him was embarrassing, but he showed you how a woman deserved to be treated—a lesson you could pass on to your sons.

    It takes a village to raise a child, and your mother knew that she needed support to raise you well. To highlight the importance of having people to rely on when it comes to parenting, PLDT-Smart is launching a video series that celebrates the different people who help raise a child. Click here to watch the trailer of Mother Hood, which premieres on May 12.

    Indeed, families come in different shapes and sizes, and various family members have a huge impact on raising a child.

    Don't miss out on Mother's Day exclusives from PLDT-Smart. To learn more, click here.

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