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  • Look! Disney Princesses Get Mommy-fied Again

    While pregnant, this illustrator re-imagined her favorite princesses as moms.
    by Rachel Perez .
Look! Disney Princesses Get Mommy-fied Again
PHOTO BY Kristen Reeves/Instagram
  • Last May, we featured the works of Isaiah Stephens who was asked to re-imagine Disney princesses as pregnant ladies or young moms. We loved it, and judging from your reactions on our Facebook page, you did as well.  

    So imagine our delight when we spotted these lovely illustrations by 
    Utah-based artist and designer Kristin Reeves, who professes a love for Disney characters. 

    When Kristin was pregnant with her son, all she could think of was motherhood. So she let her imagination and creativity get to work. Kristin reimagined her Ariel and Rapunzel (who she says is wearing a wig in her drawing because "she missed her hair") as mothers. And then drew Jasmine and Belle as moms, too.

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    Kristen specializes in portraits. Her style almost brings these characters that we love to life, or at least back onto the big moving screen when they first debuted. She originally does the sketches with pencil, and then colors them using Photoshop. She sometimes also offers tips on how she arrives at the finished artwork.

    "I hope people have fun imagining these characters we know so well doing something different than what we’re used to," she tells The Huffington Post. "These drawings were very fun to create and I hope people find as much joy in them as I do," she adds. Kristen plans to add to her Disney moms collection with Frozen characters Elsa and Anna, and then maybe Pocahontas, Mulan, or Tiana.

    We're looking forward to more Disney princesses getting Mommy-fied! (How about the princes as dads, too?!)

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    Check out more of Kristen's portrait sketches on her website and Instagram, time-lapse of how she colors them on Photoshop on YouTube. You can also buy her artworks on Etsy.

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