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What Makes This Mom A Superwoman? She Lifts Other Moms Up
PHOTO BY courtesy of MK Bertulfo
  • Many of our readers have expressed to us that if given a choice, they wish they can work from home — and earn well. So Smart Parenting is collaborating with Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMOMS) to provide content to help and show you your options before you make the change, or you’re struggling with it now. Tell us what you would like to know. Email smartparenting2013@gmail.com with the subject “work at home.”

    Now, meet the mom who advocates for giving women more choices.   

    Traffic was particularly horrendous that night because of the rain. As expected, Maria Korina “MK” Bertulfo got home later than usual. Her son was already fast asleep while her husband was about to doze off.

    But like many moms, the day was not over yet for MK. She washed the dishes, folded the laundry, and put away some toys. After a tender kiss on her child’s forehead, she crawled next to her husband. Only after she quieted her mind abuzz with to-do lists did she manage to fall asleep.

    The moon was still out when she opened her eyes to begin another day. She stretched out her tired body from a few hours of sleep. She consoled herself with the idea of the weekend and sleeping in, even though she knew it was not likely to happen.

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    Breakfast prepared, she got herself ready to battle another workday — stressful commuting, crawling traffic, and the 8-hour shift. Before leaving, she nudged her husband awake and bid him goodbye. Then, a soft kiss on her slumbering son’s forehead.


    “Mommy, I miss playing with you,” murmured sleepily before hugging his favorite pillow.

    “I know, baby. We’ll play soon,” she whispered chokingly.

    After a couple of deep breaths to compose herself, she was out of the house even before the sun came up. It was another day in a working mom’s life. And another day that MK spent contemplating the idea of working from home.

    When she finally did land her first home-based job, MK decided to share it with her mom-friends. That was when FHMoms began.

    MK did not realize then that there were thousands of Filipina mothers who wish they could earn a living from home so they could be more hands-on with their families. Some stay-at-home mothers want to help with family expenses. Some wish to leave the corporate world so that there wouldn’t be a choice between going to work or staying at home when a family member is sick. Then there is the OFW mom whose fervent hope is to come home to take care of their own children instead of another’s kids.

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    FHMOMS, or Filipina Homebased Moms, was founded for these women, an organization with a mission to assist and support Filipina mothers in their freelancing journey. It is a community with a culture of encouragement, collaboration, socialization, and empowerment for every Filipina. Women who do everything out of love for their family.

    Mommy MK, as she is now fondly called, created a ripple effect with her enthusiasm and generosity. The Facebook group that started as a means to help her friends land their own home-based job to have more time with their families has now grown into 182,000 members and counting in three years.

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    Through the group’s activities, training, and workshops, some mothers ecstatically announce their accomplishments of landing a job every day. But the engagement doesn’t stop there. Gratitude. Giving back. However you call it, those who have been successful in finding a home-based work are more than eager to support and encourage those who are just starting.

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    FHMOMS' ultimate goal is to help more Filipina mothers to build a fulfilling career without having to leave their family in the care of others.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of MK Bertulfo

    As the group grows, so does its heart, like how a mother’s love grows exponentially as her family adds in number. FHMoms envisions building a nationwide community of empowered Filipina mothers — they are helping build a new identity for stay-at-home mothers.

    Every day, more mothers have been helped by FHMoms to find online jobs. Every day, new ones join the group hoping to find an online job. And every day, FHMoms looks for ways to reach out to more mothers contemplating on working freelance.


    As the group grows, so does monitoring the status of the mommy members. Who has a client? Who are those looking? How can we help them? What else can be done to help them? These are some of the questions that drive FHMoms to better the community.

    Thinking about working from home? Message us on Facebook or email your questions at smartparenting2013@gmail.com with the subject “work at home.”

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