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These Hero Dogs Saved Their Family While Trapped On The Roof During Typhoon Ulysses
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Ma. Lydia "Arly" Torio
  • Dogs are known for their loyalty — treat them with kindness and they will love and protect you unconditionally. The Torio family experienced this firsthand when their six dogs — Fluffy, Icy, Winter, Snow, Coco, and Negra helped them survive while they were trapped on the roof during the onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses.

    In an interview with Summit Original Videos, Ma. Lydia "Arly" Torio, a mom of four and a resident of Montalban, Rizal, shared that the rapid rise of floodwater in their area caught them by surprise. After transferring her mother, a stroke patient, to a safer area, Arly's family also attempted to evacuate, but Arly wanted to make sure her dogs would be safe, too.

    "Kailangan itaas na muna natin sa bubong, kailangan doon muna sila sa mataas na lugar," Arly recalls telling her eldest  child.

    But in a span of 10 to 12 minutes, the floodwater rose to the roofs, according to Arlyn. She and her two youngest kids sought shelter in a neighbor's house, while her husband, son, and his son's friends had no choice but to stay on their house's roof with their dogs while waiting for the rain to subside.

    Arlyn shared that her family covered themselves with a piece of tarpaulin to stay warm and to protect themselves from the strong wind. She also believes that her family was able to survive because of their six dogs.

    "Talagang doon pa lang, na-save na pati buhay nila kasi 'yung init ng katawan ng aso 'yun po 'yung isa ring nagpainit ng katawan nila sa magdamag na pag-ulan at saka paghangin ng malakas," she says.


    Arlyn admits that it was a traumatic experience. Still, she is grateful that everyone in her family — including their six dogs — are safe and sound.

    If there's anything that their recent ordeal hs taught her, it's to think also of your dogs even when there's an emergency. If you cannot take them with you, at least take off their leash so they can find ways to survive on their own.

    "Mahalin po natin sila. Huwag po nating ikadena. Huwag nating ituring na hayop. Gawin ninyo po silang part ng pamilya ninyo," she says.

    Watch how their dogs were able to save them from Typhoon Ulysses in the video below!

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