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  • Being a mom is definitely a tough job. Some people may even say that it's the hardest job in the world.

    Whether or not you agree, one thing's for sure: we are in this world precisely because of our mothers — the women who chose to carry us in their wombs, and raise us till adulthood. Our moms play important roles in our lives, and the lives of our own children. As moms ourselves, we learn from our own mothers and try to follow what is worth emulating.

    Thus, in big and small ways, we gain inspiration from our mothers’ lives, just like these 5 moms who share their 'mom-spiration' experiences with us.

    My mother inspired me to breastfeed
    Jade DolorJade-Ceres Violet G. Dolor-Munoz is a 33-year-old director of operations, senior copy manager and business owner, and a mom to 2-year-old Jellybean. She shares how her mom inspired her to be a more 'attached' parent.

    "As a newbie mom, my mother was extremely helpful in helping me recuperate from giving birth via CS. I stayed with her right before giving birth until my daughter turned 7 months old," Jade shares.

    "I’ve always had a close relationship with my mom. However, I’m pretty independent, too, so when she gives me advice on things, I take it with a grain of salt. I listen, but I always do things my own way anyway.

    "I had newfound respect for her after I gave birth though. I never expected raising a child would be so difficult. I wanted to be a modern mom who can raise her kid with deep Filipino values, so now I model everything I do after my mom.

    "Whereas before I used to question her methods of doing things, now when it comes to advice regarding my daughter, I listen and do exactly as she says. I have come to realize that I grew up to become the person that I am now because of my parents. I value every moment I spend with her and everything she has to say about being a mother.”

    Jade says she learned everything she now knows about child-rearing from her mom – from breastfeeding to how to properly give the baby a bath to how to carry her. In fact, her mom was adamant that she breastfeed her baby since she and all her 3 siblings kids were breastfed.

    "My mom had always touted the benefits of breastfeeding even before I had my own kid. Aside from the colostrum and antibodies that the baby can benefit from until her adult years, it also helps me bond with my baby," she shares.

    Jade's mom also insisted that she co-sleep with her baby. "While I was hesitant about this at first (for fear of rolling over my child at night), I tried it and found that it was extremely helpful in breastfeeding, plus my baby rarely cried at night, owing to the fact that my body’s warmth calms her," she says.

    The third thing that Jade has tried to model after her mom is patience. "While this is really challenging for me, her words often veer me towards the right path. For instance, when I lose patience with my daughter who asks to be carried for hours, she reminds me that she won’t always be little and won’t always want to be held," she expounds.

    "When I get annoyed that my toddler has played with her plate of spaghetti and has messed up her clothes and the table, my mother reminds me that 'kids are washable.'”

    Jade says seeing how her mother interacts with kids as a grandmother and how she still takes care of their family up to now inspires her daily.

    "My mother lives passionately and loves unconditionally. Her children and her grandchildren who love her dearly are a testament to what a beautiful person she truly is. If there’s one thing I could do in this lifetime, I’d want to raise my child as my mother has raised me," she shares.


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