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  • Model Flaunts Her Cellulites and Stretch Marks in Unretouched Swimwear Ad

    Be empowered! Show off that bikini body!
  • Denise Bodit

    Cellulites, stretch marks and curves shouldn’t stop any woman from flaunting her bikini body. “Be you and just rock this world, man,” says model and single-mom Denise Bidot as she poses for Swimsuits For All.

    Swimsuits For All is known for its plus-sized trendy swimwear, with sizes ranging from 8 to 34. Its latest “Beach Body. Not Sorry.” campaign promotes women’s bodies and everything that comes with it.

    “At Swimsuits For All, we believe that every female body is beautiful and every woman deserves to look and feel her best in a swimsuit,” Moshe Laniado, CEO and president of Swimsuits For All, told

    The brand teamed up with Bodit who flaunted their newest swimwear collection in a video ad that they claim is unretouched.

    “Denise embodies all of the ideals Swimsuits For All stands by. We are proud to work with such a gorgeous, confident woman inside and out, and know she will be a wonderful spokesperson for this campaign and for the brand,” said Laniado.

    Retouched or not, Bidot oozes stunning and sexy. What’s her secret? “Wear a swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable. And it’s all about the confidence,” she shares in the video.

    “I've learned to love just every bit of [my body], the cellulite, the stretchmarks. Everything that at one point when I was younger thought was an imperfection, I now realize is everything that makes ‘me’ me.”

    Here she is in a couple of shots.


    Denise Bodit

    Denise Bodit


    Denise Bodit

    Photos from photographed by Michael Edwards

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