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  • Mom We Love: 12 Things That Prove Leni Robredo is Just Like Any Mom

    If you’re eyeing to vote for her as the country’s next VP, read this
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • Today, Camarines Sur Congresswoman Leni Robredo made it official: She’s in the running to be the next Vice President of the Philippines.

    Mom of three, advocate lawyer, and public servant even before she won the congressional race in her hometown of Naga, Leni was thrust into politics when her husband, the late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo passed away in a tragic helicopter accident in 2012. Now, she’s taking on an even greater call to serve the Filipino people if she wins the vice-presidential race in 2016. It’s an admirable yet daunting task.

    There is much to be said about the woman who has an extensive collection of books, is very organized, and lives a simple life. Her credentials aren't bad for a first-term lawmaker. Still, we find that sometimes, it's the little things that say the best about people... little things like these:

    1. She love comfy shoes.


    They say you can tell a lot about a woman by her shoes. These are comfy and proudly Filipino-made. She’s a simple girl who’s practical.

    2. She’s not afraid to rough it out.

    Here she is sitting on concrete pavement while waiting for the Pope's convoy to pass by. You already know she takes the bus, and that she snacks on good’ol Chocnut, too, during the trip.

    3. She has time to catch up with longtime friends.

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    This busy lawmaker even makes time for high school friends and sometimes travels with them, too.  Friends for life. Truly, she's a keeper. Awww. 

    4. She loves to travel.

    She wants to visit as many places in our beautiful country as she can with her family. Here, they are visiting the Maria Cristina Falls in Mindanao.

    5. She can get hooked in an app.


    Yes, she has an extensive collection of books, but she does have favorite apps, too, to distress or take her mind off things. 

    6. She does “whats-app” with her daughters.

    Not one to get left behind, when her kids use a communication tool, she’s on it as well. It's clear that she's really involved in her kids' lives.

    7. She adores children (and takes selfies!).


    You can tell she loves kids ... and that she’s one techy lady!

    8. She makes time for movie night

    This was a photo of her with her family when they watched "That Thing Called Tadhana". You might wonder how she makes time for all these activities? Well, she’s one very organized woman.

    9. She's her kids #1 cheerleader and supporter.


    When her kids need her, she's there -- whether that be a sports competition, a school PTA activity, guitar or piano practice -- name it, and she'll make time for it.

    10. She takes the kids to work… sometimes.

    Just another day at the office: Having the kids drop by before they go to work or school. Sometimes, when her duty calls for late-nighs in the office, her daughters join for dinner there, too.


    11. She’s game for anything as long as she and the kids have fun



    Videoke, dancing, wacky poses—anything! When she spends time with her kids, they have fun! 

    12. She doesn't forget to have dinners with her mom

    We love that she does not forget to connect and have lunches or dinners with her mother. Here she is having dinner with her mom and with the kids, too. Clearly, she’s learned from the best.

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