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  • empowered womanAs the world Celebrates Women's Month this March, we ponder on empowerment as it applies in motherhood. What is woman empowerment, anyway?

    Empowering women means giving them a voice, allowing them to take initiative and make decisions in order to contribute meaningfully to the community. Thus, empowered women are change catalysts, they possess the power to take charge of their own life and make positive change in their environment.  

    When a woman becomes a mother, does she become less of an empowered woman? Do her obligations as a mother limit her choices? Does her role stifle her freedom and relegate her to a boring and robotic existence?  

    Chelsea Alcantara, mother of one, begs to differ. “Motherhood, in fact, is very empowering. As mothers, we bring forth life into this world. We raise children who will become the next decision-makers, entrepreneurs, workers, volunteers, people whose turn it is to proactively take steps in being responsible stewards of Earth. How these children turn out to be, the values we teach them, the principles they’ll believe, their way of life, will all in turn contribute to how the world will be a better place for our children’s children.”  

    Edith Nolledo, a mother of three and grandmother of five, agrees. “A mother has people whose lives depend on her. Empowerment comes as a matter of course, a natural consequence, if she is one who takes her responsibilities and obligations seriously.”  

    A mother is a child’s first teacher and role model. When she makes the conscious decision to take on the seemingly stifling obligation of raising her child the best way possible, she is showing the world that her choice is a choice of a free and empowered woman. She does not see her acts as sacrifice, but as acts of love.


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