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  • Genius! Pregnancy Emojis Are Here, and They're Just Awesome

    They perfectly capture the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of motherhood.
    by Rachel Perez .
Genius! Pregnancy Emojis Are Here, and They're Just Awesome
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  • There are so many apps for pregnant women and mothers that help in accomplishing daily tasks or in delivering useful information right on their fingertips. However, we think mobile phones have been crucial in connecting mom and moms-to-be with their friends. They can exchange messages, consult each other on certain issues, and even lift everyone’ spirit just by being connected.

    Emojis play a fun part in our girl talks, and keep messages concise. But, for the longest time, emojis mostly appeal to the general public and only have a few for moms...until now! A new emoji keyboard made especially for pregnant women and moms has finally arrived, thanks to moms Sarah Robinson, Hannah Hudson, and Natalie Ralston. They've created EmojiMom, a set of that more than 250 pregnancy- and parenting-themed emojis that are totally spot on.

    The three BFF moms thought of the idea last year. "There were so many funny, ridiculous, beautiful, and downright awful moments when we said to one another, 'There seriously ought to be an emoji for this.' Of course, there weren't any emoji that depicted what we were going through," Sarah told Refinery29. And so with the help of illustrators from Hey Hey Designs, they made their vision come true.

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    The EmojiMom keyboard has, of course, the universal baby bottle and smiling baby face. But the other emojis perfectly capture the realities of motherhood in one figure, more than text messages could! There is the positive pregnancy test kit, baby bump, a baby bag full of baby stuff, an ultrasound scan with a red heart, baby kicking in your baby belly, C-section, and even vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), to name a few. It also has emojis for the not-so-nice but very real situations such as labor pains, morning sickness, maternity pads, breast pain, sleepless nights, spilled breast milk, back aches. Even possible controversial ones such as pumping milk in a bathroom stall, pump and dump (when you need that one glass of wine!), preggo mom in sexy lingerie. There are a few that features dad, too!



    "We really hoped this could be something that allowed moms to own more of the conversation about motherhood," Sarah said. "If you have difficulty getting pregnant, or if you have a rough pregnancy, or a rough labor, and certainly when you have a newborn and things get very real, it really helps to connect with other women who have been through the same thing. It beats Googling at 3 a.m.," she added.

    The three moms hopes EmojiMom will help women around the world an easier and faster way of communicating with their fellow moms and moms-to-be. And considering mothers almost always have our hands full, a simple emoji that captures exactly how you feel or what you're going through, whether good or bad, is probably just what we need.

    EmojiMom keyboard is currently only available on iOS. Visit its website or Facebook page for more information.

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