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  • This Star Wars-Themed Ad's Unexpected Ending Will Move You (And Your Kids) To Tears

    The final reveal will tug at your heartstrings.
    by Kitty Elicay .
  • These two boys are working on a special project that will warm everyone's hearts this Christmas. 


    With Christmas approaching, many brands are on a mission to get everyone into the holiday spirit, not to mention, give us #feels. Globe Telecom is first on the bandwagon, and with their latest ad, they’re also encouraging moviegoers to watch the latest Star Wars movie, The Rise of Skywalker which will hit theaters soon.


    But the video also has a very important message and you have to watch all the way to the end if you want to see what it’s really about. One thing’s for sure, it will warm your hearts and move you to tears.

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    The ad follows two young boys working on a project. They knock on their neighbors’ doors collecting cardboards, scrap metal, old cellphones, and even an old tire. They place it all in their living room and get to work, but it’s still not clear what they’re working on. Finally, it’s revealed that they’re building some kind of spaceship — an X-wing, clearly a Star Wars reference — using a living room chair and the scraps they’ve collected.

    This blue chair is the centerpiece of their project.
    PHOTO BY Screenshot from Globe PH/YouTube

    The project falls apart quickly but the boys are undeterred. A woman hands them additional tools to make the “spaceship” stronger. A few seconds later, we’re introduced to the reason for all this hard work: their other friend, a bright-eyed young girl.

    They quickly pull her to sit on the chair, and it turns out the spaceship isn’t just for pretend play — they’re creating a homemade “4D” experience for her as she watches a Star Wars film complete with props, water sprays, lights, and fans. The chair is the centerpiece – it bounces just like the ships on the screen. The little girl is completely amazed and she can’t keep her eyes off the movie while the two boys exhaust themselves out.

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    When the movie ends, the boys excitedly wait for her reaction and they begin to do sign language to ask her, “Did you like it?” It’s the final reveal — the young girl is deaf and the boys gave her an immersive experience so she could enjoy the movie without sound. And of course, the little girl is over the moon. “I loved it! Thank you so much,” she replies in sign language.

    The video's final reveal is so touching!
    PHOTO BY Screenshot from Globe PH/YouTube

    According to the agency who created the video, it’s supposed to show “the wonder of Star Wars can touch the lives of everyone, even of those who can’t hear it.”

    For parents, it’s a great reminder of a child’s innocence — they don’t judge anyone based on their looks or the things they can or cannot do and instead welcome everyone with open arms. It’s a wonderful message of inclusion and it’s the perfect message to send this holiday season.

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    Watch the full video of ‘A Star Wars Experience For All’ below:

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