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  • 1. The Mommy Friend

    When you become a mom, you realize you need mommy friends. These are the women you discuss breastfeeding, teething, and explosive poop with. No way will your single friends even want to hear about those things  no matter how many times they ask how you are. These are the women you gripe to about waking up at 2 AM and in fact, message at 2 AM because they're most likely up, too, because of their little ones!

    2. The Experienced Mommy

    If you're a first time mom, you'll find yourself running to more experienced mommies for advice. These are the mommy friends who have older kids and have already been through what you're struggling with. Though you don't realize it, you end up calling or messaging those whose parenting styles you agree with. Maybe you admire how they interact with their kids, maybe you've always respected them; whatever the reason, you need this experienced mommy to not just guide you as you begin your motherhood journey, but to affirm that you are on the right path and that no, Junior isn't going to grow up scarred for life because you weren't able to stick to today's sleeping schedule.

    3. The Single Girlfriend

    Even if you may have forgotten they exist, your single girlfriends are still around and not only do they miss you, you need them in your life. Your world may be filled with feeding schedules, milk pumping sessions, or PTC appointments, but there is more to you than just being Mommy and your girlfriends are there to remind you of that. Also, they'll be more than willing to take you away from your frazzled life even for just a few hours. 

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    4. The Playdate Partner

    You aren't the only one in need of friends. Your child does too! And because your children spend so much time together, you eventually find yourself hanging out more and more with the parents of your kid's friends than your friends. Which is quite a win-win for everyone. If you've got playdate partners, arranging playdates won't ever be a chore!

    5. The High School BFF

    She's known you for years, has been by your side through it all. She understands you better than you do yourself and she calls you out on your  excuses. Just by being herself, she reminds you of your young dreams and how far you've come. She is a gem in your life and both of you know it.

    You'll sometimes find that some of these roles can be rolled into one -- how lucky you are if you do! The bottom line is, as a mom, it's important to know you can reach out to others who understand, who have been there before, or who just want to be there for you whether they get it or not. Just remember you don't have to do this scary thing called motherhood alone.

    Ines Bautista Yao is a wife and mother of two little girls who couldn't be more different from each other. When she can catch a break, she writes books, the young adult, sweet romance kind and she blogs about her mommy life at http://theeverydayprojectblog.com.

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