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  • This Made Our Day: You Can Say A Lot Without Saying a Word Using a "Mom Face"

    When you catch your child doing something he shouldn't and you give him "The Look"

  • Video from The BreakWomb/Youtube

    Moms don't want to waste precious energy. A mom's motto might as well be, "There's no need to tell your child to behave when giving him 'The Look' will be just as effective." You have one and we have one. 

    But why have just one "look" when you can have dozens of "mom faces" all meaning a different things, says the moms from the new The BreakWomb video. You can have the "Put That Down" face, the "Gimme A Break" face, the "We'll Talk About This In The Car Young Man" and even the "Don't Run In The Frozen Food Aisle" face. See what these mom faces look like in the video above. 

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