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  • Why the Unilab "Good Dad" Video is Giving Us All the Feels

    A dad tries to play the many roles of a mom. Here's how it goes down.

    This video from Unilab reminds us of how hard it is when Mom is sick.

    Mom knows everything. When she's not feeling well, the whole family is turned upside down, and it's up to everyone else in the family to pick up the slack. But it's the father who usually has to take the lead.

    This is what happens when Mom is sick and Dad has to take over the home:


    1. No yummy and tasty dishes temporarily


    "Sorry, guys! We will have to subsist on burnt tasty or noodles in the meantime. Or maybe go for delivery instead?"


    2. Mom knows where everything is

    "Mom has superpowers. She knows where everything is. When she gets sick, well, good luck finding our stuff."


    3. Good luck keeping the house clean!

    "Mom always keeps us on our toes. Never mess with her while cleaning the house."


    4. Good luck with the laundry, too!



    5. The realization that Mom is so patient with our antics

    "Kakaligo lang tapos madumi na naman!"


    6. That look and feeling that say, "Ang hirap pala maging mommy!"



    7. "We'll take care of you just like you have always taken care of us."

    "Pasensya na kung hindi masyadong masarap yung soup. We tried."


    8. "Mommy, pagaling ka na! Nami-miss ka na namin."


    9. "Ma, thank you."


    Watch this good dad's adventures in being the mom:

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