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  • Your Heart Will Melt When You See What This Boy Did for an Injured Opponent

    This boy is already a champion!
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  • IMAGE MasterChef Junior (Spain)

    Here’s something to warm your heart this rainy season. 

    A post on Facebook is making the rounds on the Internet about what 10-year-old Lukas did for his 8-year-old friend Laura. Taken from BooksAndWarlocks blog on Tumblr, both are contestants of the Spanish MasterChef Junior that aired last year.  

    IMAGE MasterChef Junior (Spain)

    So here's how it went: the Spanish MasterChef Junior kids were in the kitchen battling it out for the semifinals. Little Laura, whom BooksAndWarlocks described as “ constantly ignored and undervalued by some of the other contestants because of her age” but “definitely one of the best” was busy with her dish. The challenge: to follow everything the professional chef did as he was cooking a dish.

    Unfortunately, during this crucial portion of the competition, Laura burned her hand. 

    “She knew that having the burn treated would take up too much valuable time, so she kept cooking. But she couldn’t. The burn was bad, she was fighting back tears, and even the judges were starting to get worried,” wrote BooksAndWarlocks. So Laura had to leave her cooking and her workstation to get treated. 


    With the clock ticking, everyone knew that by the time Laura got back she would be too far behind to catch up with the other contestants. And, this was when everyone’s heart swelled up because… in came Lukas to cook in her place, and all while tending to his own cooking too!

    To put things into perspective, “He was putting his place in the finals at risk so he could help his friend,” wrote BooksAndWarlocks. Instead of thinking of himself and the lead Laura’s injury would give him, he instead thought of her and how he could help make her situation better. It was a completely selfless act. Looking at it from the competition, he had everything to lose and nothing to gain.

    IMAGE MasterChef Junior (Spain)

    Then, Laura came back with a heavily bandaged hand. She was still in tears, and you could tell she was feeling disheartened. (Watch a short clip from the episode in the video above.) How could she continue cooking with one hand immobile as well as being very behind in the competition?

    It didn’t stop Lukas though. He kept on helping his friend, assisting her in moving pots and setting the stove. He was going back and forth from his work station to hers. 

    After a while, however, Laura had to leave for good. She couldn’t continue cooking with her injury. 

    Sad to say, she didn’t make it to the finals. But… Lukas did! Way to go Lukas, you deserved it!

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