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  • 4. You’re listening to your mom’s music.
    It was probably the first music you listened to anyway. And all throughout your childhood, before you got the right to choose radio stations, it was the music you were exposed to, and – admit it – at that time, it was the music that you loved.

    As we grew older and started to assert our individuality, we started to have our own preference for music. But the music of our childhood eventually returns to us.

    “I like to sing the same songs my mother used to sing,” said Nanay Virgie, who now takes care of her grandchildren. (Her youngest is already 21 years old.) “My mother loved Tagalog ballads and ABBA. Today, when I sing her favorite songs, I feel she’s around again – and my kids would say I sing just like their grandma.”

    5. You’re getting your mom’s strange compulsions.
    HR consultant Allelie Cordero recalled how her mom would always tell her to wear nice undies, just in case she gets into an accident. “You don’t want people to see your undies with holes, do you?” her mom would say.


    “Before I got married, I thought it was rather silly. If I got hit by a car, the last thing I’d worry about were my undies, right?” Allelie said. “But these days, I’m really more concerned. If I were in an accident today, I certainly wouldn’t want people to see me wearing old undies!” she laughed.

    6. You’re following your mom’s bedtime rituals.
    This comes with age. You remember how your mom would wash her face, then put toner, then cold cream, or whatever it was that she did for a whole hour before she would go to bed? If you remember, then it’s pretty likely you’ll be doing something like that too, once the signs of age start showing up on you, the way they were starting to show up on her when you were a kid.

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    Mommy Jen, who describes herself simply as “a Mormon mom,” said, “I never used to have a bedtime ritual for myself when the kids were little. It was all I could do to get them bathed and brushed, read their stories, and say our prayers. Before it was all over, I was ready to fall asleep!


    “But now that the kids can bathe and brush and read by themselves, I’ve got more time to myself. And since I’m not getting younger, I have to spend time with my toners and creams. My husband once joked that if I put just one more thing on my face before bedtime, I would be just like my mom.

    “To be honest, when he said that, I froze up for one whole minute. But I know it’s not going to happen. I can’t afford those two other creams I saw at a catalog yesterday – not yet, anyway,” she said with a sheepish grin.

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