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  • It’s been said that, sooner or later, we all turn into our own mothers. Little by little, we find ourselves sounding like our moms, or acting like them, or having the same quirks – even if many of us promised ourselves during our teen years that we would be completely different when we grew up.

    So how do you know that you’re (gasp!) starting to morph into the woman that your mother is? Here’s what the moms we talked to said:

    1. You’re starting to look like your mom.
    There is no escaping genes. Of all the ways you would turn to your mother, this is often one of the most inevitable.

    Liz delos Santos, a fulltime mom of two kids, said, “I always knew I looked like my mom. We had the same features, so I knew that the moment I aged a little, I would look almost exactly like her.


    “Our main difference was our hairstyles – but recently, I’ve realized I can’t keep my long straight ‘do anymore. I’m just too old for it. The moment I get my hair cropped and maybe permed, I’m going to look exactly the way my mom did when I was a kid!

    “But,” she added, “my mom is beautiful, so who’s complaining?”

    2. You’re starting to sound like your mom.
    You know those things that your mom likes to say and you heard so often when you were a kid? You didn’t think those would simply fade away from your subconscious, did you? One of these days, you’ll find yourself blurting out the exact same phrases.

    Mommy Sara, a mother of five, said, “It started, I think, when my third kid was around two years old. My mom’s words would just flow out of my mouth, as if I were possessed. I would say, ‘Did you wash your hands? With soap?’ or ‘Did you make your bed? Properly?’"

    “Once, during a family reunion, I told my kids, ‘Stop running around, I’m not spending New Year’s Eve at the ER!’ and my sister suddenly turned around and said, ‘I thought you were mom!’ I hate it, but I can’t stop it!” she laughed.

    3. You’re starting to eat like your mom.
    Tastes evolve. Notice how so many kids hate veggies, but when they grow up, they learn to like eating the green stuff anyway? As we said, tastes evolve! And often, our sense of what’s delicious (or edible) becomes more similar to our mom’s.

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    Karen Sevilla, a retired medical technologist, said, “Whenever my mom ate french fries, she would brush the salt off first before putting the fries in her mouth because, she said, they were too salty. At that time, I laughed at her. But now I find myself brushing the salt off peanuts, for exactly the same reason!”

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