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  • 10 Tips for Parents to Achieve Work-Life Balance

    Nobody said being a parent was easy. Here are 10 tips to help parents stay on top of their careers while still having quality time with the family.
    by Nyx Martinez .
  • Read on for more tips or parents to achieve work-life balance.

    6. Know that happiness is essential. All the material stuff isn’t.
    When more work equals more material benefits, the tendency is to work harder or more days, all for the good of our family. But in the long run, what matters most is your time, your happiness, and theirs, too—on the day-to-day.

    7. Determine your limits and then safeguard yourself from guilt.
    What are your personal boundaries, and how far are you willing to go or sacrifice? Once you establish this personally and with your partner, it will enable you to make the right decisions daily. Know your own standards, and then determine to enjoy life without regrets.

    8. Make the most of reliable child care.
    We are blessed that living in the Philippines allows parents affordable nannies and household help. If you can, find dependable workers to help you care for your kids. It makes a world of difference in being able to maintain a household when you have good hands-on help.

    9. Stay connected to your inner spirit.
    Learning to be in tune with yourself, your emotions, and your needs will help you determine which parts of your life are imbalanced and which could use more attention.

    10. Prioritize family—always.
    In the recent successful rescue of the 33 miners in Chile, the resounding message to the world, voiced by the survivors, was to love, live, and appreciate your loved ones while you have them with you…and not when it’s too late. We would all do well to listen and learn.
    And remember, life is all about being flexible. Maybe, after reading this, you get into a routine that works for you. Something will inevitably come up to throw that for a loop. Work around it, don’t get disheartened. Expect that you will make mistakes from time to time, and that’s okay. In fact, it’s all part of the learning process, which never ends.
    Happy parenting!

    About the author: Nyx Martinez is a multi-media artist, travel writer, and managing editor of Mabuhay magazine. She has a one-year-old son.



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