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  • 10 Tips on How to Express Your Love for Your Spouse on Valentine’s Day

    Mom and contributor Martine de Luna shares 10 ways you can re-invent or make extra special Valentine’s Day with your spouse.
    by Martine De Luna .
  • romantic coupleValentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means that you’re probably scrambling around for ideas on how to impress your significant other. Rather than get into the rut of the proverbial roses and chocolates, try any (or all) of these tips on how to show your spouse or loved one how much you adore them.

    1.    Take the day off. If Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, opt to take the day off and spend the whole day with each other—without the kids! It’ll be the perfect excuse to escape on your own with each other. Taking the day off communicates to your spouse that this day is special for the both of you, and that it’s worth the time off from your regular routine.


    2.    Drop the diet rules, just for today! “Food is our common ground,” said James Beard. Just for a day, set aside your diet rules and make your spouse something delicious (or, order out for it!). Set the mood early on in the day by making breakfast for each other. Eat your first meal of the day together in your pajamas while cuddled up in the sheets.

    3.    Give small, thoughtful gifts throughout the day. Think of ways to surprise your lover with small gifts throughout the day. Enlist the help of your spouse’s office mates to plant gifts in your hubby’s desk at certain times of the day, like a box of chocolates, a DVD of a movie he loves, or funny illustrated cards with humorous love quips; if you’re the hubby have a flower delivered to your wife’s cubicle at the office every hour of the work day with a love note or a card with a love quote.

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    4.    Be cheesy. This is the perfect day to be all mushy and gooey! Change the screen saver on your loved one’s laptop to scroll a message of love or a slideshow of your favorite photos of your fondest memories. Tuck a perfumed hanky in your hubby’s pants pocket while he’s getting ready for the office—when he reaches in for the car keys, he’ll get a scented surprise!


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