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  • 10 Tips to Help Your Husband Bond with Baby

    Mom, contributor and travel writer Nyx Martinez shares personal tips to help your husband have some quality bonding time with your baby.
    by Nyx Martinez .
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    Read on to see more tips on how to help your husband bond with baby.


    4. Dads can use their talents—musical, or otherwise—to help kids identify with them
    Oying, a father of 3 girls and 1 boy, says, "My kids have a special song which I sang to them when they were babies. Now that they have grown up, we still sing those songs once in awhile. The songs have become our links to one another."

    5. Let them rough it up a bit, and do boyish stuff together (even if your child is a girl)
    Biker dad, Haro Echter, tells what works when the kids are a little older: "Buy him a toolbox with tools and let him fix his toys and bikes himself. Mine ends up bringing his tools when I am working on my own bike; I just tell him not to use his steel hammer on my chrome parts!"

    6. Bond during baths and bedtime
    Babies love baths, and they associate it with care and personal attention. Let strong, capable dad be the one in charge of baths once in awhile. He may at first be nervous about holding such a delicate, slippery thing, but once he tries taking him in the bath, he will see how much baby likes being held by something so secure and strong. This might just be the first time you’ll notice your partner’s extremely tender side, and what could be sweeter?

    Sometimes, it’s bedtime that comforts your child the most. Frank, a single Dad for many years, recalls, ‘My daughter was always afraid I would leave her. So to bond with her and gain her trust I would hold her hand every night ‘til she fell asleep.’

    7. Let dad feed them every now and then
    Show him how to cut bite size pieces for your child (when they are old enough and teething), watch them enjoy this very manly activity. (Food now, drinks later!)  

    8. Encourage him to read to baby
    “It is really important to have those times with kids, which is 100% for them, and where they feel special. It makes us feel more special too," says Justin, an educator in Croatia, "I had a link with one kid; she could barely walk but would bring me books and say, Read books! I knew I needed to drop everything and just read books with her; it was wonderful. Now that she is nine years old, I hear she is reading stories to other kids, too. It was a great bonding activity that helped her develop reading, a skill that she now really loves.”



    Click here to see more tips on how to help your husband bond with baby.

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