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3 Easy Steps to Have a Deeper Sexual Connection with Hubby
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    Sex after kids is not that bad. If we're being honest about it though, it's nowhere near to how it was before having your little mini-me's. The passion is there, but the intensity has lost a bit of steam. But what if you can re-ignite that sexual spark and lead to lovemaking once a week (a study says that's how frequent happy married couple do it)?

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    Dr. Laura Bergman, relationship expert and author of Quantum Love, a book that aims to help you reach your full potential in love, sex and relationships, says you only have to go back to the basics--focus on you and your partner.

    "The more open you are, the more tuned in and present you are with your body, the deeper the sexual connection is going to be," she explains. "Use your bodies' energy in magical ways to improve your body's sexual connection."

    Dr. Berman suggests three steps.

    1. Look into each other eyes. 
    2. Synchronize your breathing with one another. 
    3. Imagine light flowing back and forth between your hearts. 

    Okay, you probably laughed after reading that, and, fine, we did, too! But we sort of get what Dr. Berman is saying. It's about you and your partner being in the same zone of intimacy, and there is a heightened awareness of each other's body and energy. Dr. Berman swears that it will not only lead to increased arousal, but also increased enjoyment, desire, and sigh-inducing satisfaction.

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    Hey, what do you have to lose? It may not end up in hot sex, but, if connection is what you're after, this could help. Watch Dr. Berman below as she walks you through the process.


    What other parents are reading

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