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  • Sunshine Dizon: 'We Have the Power to Change the Plot of Our Sad Stories'

    The actress is speaking frankly about moving on from her failed marriage and how to make it a beautiful journey.
    by Rachel Perez .
Sunshine Dizon: 'We Have the Power to Change the Plot of Our Sad Stories'
PHOTO BY Sunshine Dizon/Instagram
  • It's hard to believe that it's been only two months (as of this writing) since Sunshine Dizon dominated the entertainment news. Her story has captivated many because of the sordid details about why her six-year-long marriage to Timothy Tan, ended. If you've been off the grid, here's a quick recap: Sunshine goes to Instagram to reveal a love letter to her husband--not from her; she alleges that Clarisma Sison, who lives in the same building as hers, is the woman who is having an extramarital affair with Timothy; there's a volley of accusations of cut phone line, social media hacking, and Internet trolling; and, finally, cases are filed in court.   

    All those details have managed to make headlines. But what we think will reverberate for a long time (in our opinion, at least) is the way Sunshine has dealt with the issue--a no-holds-barred and in-your-face confrontation of her pain, her enemies and, yes, vulnerabilities. This is not a woman who plans to keep silent or become a martyr.

    Whatever your opinion is of how she's publicly dealing with the situation, you can't help but admire how she is able to pick herself up and soldier on. How did she do it? In an interview with Belo Medical Group (she is one of its latest endorsers) posted on her Instagram, Sunshine shared what worked for her. 

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    1. Accept and face the issue head on.
    Stop denying tha facts or making excuses for what happened. "Hindi na uso ngayon yung iiyak na lang at pupunta sa isang tabi," Sunshine says. She makes sure she gets rid of all the negativity in her life and made the decision to move forward. Yes, it is easier said than done, but it is possible. Having the right mindset will get you back on track. So cry your heart out, but then remind yourself that it's not the end. 


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    2. Love yourself.
    Oftentimes, we give so much of ourselves to our family that we tend to neglect that we need to fill our cup first before we can share. It's the perfect time to do just that. "Kung hindi niyo nakuha yung love na 'yun outside, ikaw na ang magbigay sa sarili mo. That's not being selfish. Wala kang ibang asahan kung hindi sarili mo lang din. So, dapat ayusin mo ikaw."

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    3. Do something that will make you happy and improve yourself.
    Learn new things. Take up a hobby. Do things that you've been meaning to do, but couldn't find the time before. In Sunshine's case, she picked up a red lipstick and never looked back. 

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    4. Strengthen your faith.
    Referring to her faith, Sunshine says, "Kasi above all, pag wala ka nyan, talagang mahirap bumangon." For Sunshine, prayer is power. It can help find inner peace and provide the courage to face challenges. Sunshine adds her faith, strength, and unwavering determination will help her pick up the pieces of her life for her and her two kids. Everything will eventually fall into place. 

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    In her caption, Sunshine explained that sharing her story "to inspire and empower women most specially the ones who are suffering silently." She wants to let them know that if she could move on, they can, too. "Remember that we have the power to change the plot of our sad stories and make it a beautiful one. And know that you are not alone and in time all pain will disappear," she wrote. 

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    Watch Sunshine's whole interview here (part 1) and here (part 2). 

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