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  • 5 Tips to Trigger Your Spouse to Romance You

    You have a great marriage—it’s just not as spicy as it once was! How do you get out of the romance rut?
    by Martine De Luna .
  • Romance was easy when you and your then-boyfriend/fiancé were in those dog days of dating. Flowers, romantic dates, trips out of town, random surprises, cheesy texts and phone calls—everything brimmed over with sticky, gooey romance, didn’t it? But what do you do when your ex-boyfriend (read: hubby) has forgotten all about those things that swept you off your feet? How do you keep from taking your marriage for granted when the sparks have stopped flying?

    The truth is, there is no Cupid’s arrow to reawaken your spouse’s romantic antics! But there are ways to teach your spouse to romance you without him feeling like he’s being lectured on Romance 101.


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    May 3, 2011

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    "that your judgment slowly turns"

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