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6 Advantages of Having A Small Family
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    Isn't it a bit annoying when you've only given birth and yet some family and friends already ask you when you're going to try for another baby? Well, for starters, it's not their business to know (okay, it's probably just small talk). Second of all, if you say you're done making babies after just one or two, more often than not, they'd convince you to have more. Awkward, right?

    The 2015 Smart Parenting State of the Mom Survey showed that 62 percent of moms have only one child. Twenty-two percent have two kids, while those who have three kids or more are considered a minority at 16 percent. Very few families today are following the trend of our grandparents who, on average, have six kids or more.

    Ultimately, it's you and your husband's decision as to how many kids you'd want to have. If you're still undecided, you might want to consider these perks of having a small family.

    1. You can breathe a little easier when it comes to your financials.

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    You only pay for pregnancy, labor and delivery once or twice. You have fewer kids to bring to well-baby checkups, to get through school, to buy clothes and toys--well, you get the picture. You can save so much more.

    2. You can have more quality bonding time with each member of the family
    Since there are only a few member of the family, you can spend more time with each of your kids and your partner--and yourself! Twenty-four hours may seem enough if you're a family of four.

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    3. You'll have better work-life balance.

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    It’s easier to reclaim your life after pregnancy and giving birth. You’d be able to juggle family life and a career, without feeling that you're shortchanging one or the other.

    4. You can travel more.
    With the money you save can go to a vacation fund! Plus, traveling with the whole bunch is hassle-free. Think fewer expenses and luggage. Two hands for two kids? It makes so more sense, right?

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    5. Your kids are more independent.
    That is, if you don't overindulge them or forego discippline. Do set realistic expectations and let your kids learn on their own and meet other kids and adults. Don't worry, it's easier if you have just one or two. 

    6. You'll have ways less stressed --and your kid, too

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    For starters, you have fewer sibling squabbles to resolve. With only one or two kids, you’d have less parenting issues to deal with, really. You dont' have to deal with a tween, toddler, and newborn all at the same time. 

    This is not to say that having a small family is better; having a big family has its own perks, too. But you can't have both. Of course, there are trade-offs. Parents with just one or two kids to hover and spoil the kids a lot, be super over-protective, and dorego discipline if they are not careful. However, there are ways to prevent that from happening, such eing firm when it comes to rules; don't always give in. Expose the kids to many experiences with peers, like their cousins, classamtes, and friends, as well as other adults. 

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