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    Let’s be honest: not all couples are on point when it comes to business under the sheets. However, just because you and your hubby aren’t particularly smooth when doing the deed, that doesn’t mean your relationship is inferior to other couples who have perfect chemistry in bed.

    It does not happen over night, though. Being sexually compatible with your partner takes some time geting used to, good communication skills, and a lof ot trial-and-error. With love and a lot of understanding, you'll surely get on the same page in no time. 

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    So, how do you know if you and your hubby have achieved that chemistry? Check out this list.

    1. You both make time for sexy time.
    And you both actually want to do it as often as possible. Sex can be a chore when you’re married with kids, but it doesn’t have to be—and both of you agree you don’t want it to be like that. You both know the importance of keeping that sexual connection alive. You’re even open to trying new things in the bedroom just to keep that lust—er, love—burning.

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    2. You can read each other’s’ signals (*wink*) clearly.
    By just running his fingers behind your back, you already know he’s up to something. Maybe he even volunteered to do the dishes and tuck the kids in bed. You, meanwhile, just need to caress the outline of his ear and he'll easily get the hint. Maybe you even set some aromatic oils on the diffuser,  and put on a sexy lingerie. Bottom line, you both know exactly which buttons to push to get each other in the mood.

    3. You both get turned on with just a passionate kiss.
    A kiss is a good indicator of how well you and your husband mesh together, although it's not always foolproof. However, a passionate, torrid kiss can cause your hormones to go haywire. Not all kisses can have this effect, of course, because you may not always have the time (nor the opportune moment!). But when you do get an overpowering kiss, you’re instantly wet down there and he’s getting a hard-on, too.

    4. You can unleash your “carnal” side with each other.
    You may exude a goody-two-shoes image -- couldn't hurt a fly, sucks at telling lies, doesn't show much cleavage --  BUT, when your husband works his magic on you he can unleash that animal side in you, and vice versa. In bed, when you strip naked, your reservations come off as well.

    5. You tell each other anything.
    It means you can voice out what works, what doesn't work, what hurts, and what feels a little uncomfortable. You are perfectly at ease being naked with each other, all-out stretch marks and all. You both can tell each other what you want to happen under the sheets—and the good thing about it is you are open to suggestions and you’re capable of understanding. No room for sugar-coating or faking orgasms, right?

    6. Any sex position that you do is satisfying.
    You can’t choose just one sexual position you want, because each and every position you and hubby do is immensely satisfying. Maybe you could even roll from one position to the next without interruptions. You feel totally filled up when he hits the ceiling, if you know what we mean. This is also because you can communicate clearly; you know what works and what doesn’t. Hence, two-way satisfaction is achieved.

    7. There’s always time for some cuddling…
    And maybe a second round? Well, if time and your bodies allow you to have one orgasm after another, then who are you to refuse, right? However, we know that responsibility calls. If that’s the case, a little cuddling would do until next time. After all, what happened is not “just sex”. This could also be a good time for a heartfelt chat as happy hormones rush through your bodies. 

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