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  • 7 Upsides to Having More Kids

    For one, the kids learn the concept of sharing at a very early age.
7 Upsides to Having More Kids
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    What is your reaction when you find out a mommy friend has four or more kids? You may find yourself exclaiming, "Ang dami!", followed by a feeling of admiration and respect. How does one survive parenting more than two kids after all?

    True, children are a gift, but as any parent knows having a large family means more milk to pump or mix, diapers to change, kids to discipline and potty-train, and more parenting issues to face.

    Despite the chaos of a full house, there are a number of positives. Yes, it is more challenging and stressful, but there's also a lot of takeaways. Here are some of the perks of having a large brood:

    1. You become more resourceful with money.
    More kids means more funds are needed, so find creative and resourceful ways to make ends meet--and save even. Tuition discount, hand-me-downs, and strict budget? Check.

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    2. You pass on the value of sharing to your kids.

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    With a tight budget, the kids are forced to learn to share with their siblings. This fosters empathy among them, and, in the long run, promotes closely-knit family ties. 

    3. There's never a shortage of helping hands.
    Why would you need a house help or a nanny when the older sibling can help you with chores or in looking after the younger kids?

    4. Kids learn to be independent early.

    Because they learn to do chores early and parents can't devote as much time to do things for them, kids in large families learn to do things on their own.

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    5. Kids learn teamwork.

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    While they learn to be on their own, the kids also learn to cooperate with their siblings in order to get the work done faster.

    6. The kids have instant playmates.
    It's not just all work--there's play, too. Having a lot of kids means that you don't ever need to schedule a playdate, even if they get into fights sometimes.

    7. There's more love for everyone.

    Heard of the saying that you grow your heart even bigger every time you have a child? Well, that is true -- figuratively, of course. It also means more hugs, more kisses, more love for you from all of your kids.

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    8. You delay having an empty nest.

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    If you have more kids, you won't have to worry about having them leave your home so soon, because it will take time before your youngest child lives independently. It must be why a certain study says that having more kids delays aging - and that's certainly a good thing.

    Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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