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7 Simple Ways to Bring the Intimacy Back for Tired Parents
  • Every time February rolls around, expect companies to amp up Valentine’s Day advertising. After all, it’s the month for love and romance. Hurray!

    Not. If you’re new parents, this so-called celebration will probably fly by you. After all, caring for your little ones will constantly take up your time and zap your energy. You won’t have time for a date night, let alone a nightly romp.

    But even if you think that planning a romantic night for just the two of you is not a priority right now, you should realize that rekindling your relationship will not only make you happier, it will also make you better parents. The most important rule for raising happy and successful children is to ‘love your spouse,’ according to education consultant Chary Mercado.

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    So where do you start? You don’t have to spend a weekend away from the kids just so you can bring the spark back (let’s be honest, you won’t be able to do that, anyway). Instead, think of easy, doable, and simple gestures that you can insert into your daily routine. Here are some ideas:

    1. Give each other the gift of sleep.

    When we asked our Facebook readers what they really wanted for Valentine’s Day, we weren’t surprised when majority answered, ‘sleep.’ Every new parent is bound to go zombie-mode the first few months after the baby comes, so one of the most romantic (and thoughtful) things you can do for each other is to take over the nighttime routine. “It’s okay, hon, just sleep. I’ll take care of the baby.” Kilig, ‘di ba?

    2. Dad, ease some of mom's load.

    Remember when you promised to split the household chores as newlyweds? Apparently, and according to studies, that pact is forgotten once the baby comes.

    On top of breastfeeding, taking care of the baby, and making sure the home is spic and span, moms really do have it hard. So, dads, if you’re thinking of a grand gesture for the month of love, consider doing the household chores to ease some of her load.

    Take some inspiration from this man who decided to put ‘sexting’ into good use — he took ‘provocative’ photos of himself while cleaning the house and texted it to his wife in the hopes of turning her on. (It didn’t work for him, but she appreciated the gesture all the same!)

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    3. Give each other a real kiss.

    When you become too busy, kissing might become an afterthought — a quick peck on the lips seems more realistic. But take the time to do a real lip lock once every day. There's nothing like a make-out session to cause your hormones to go haywire, and a good way to build tension (so you can do something even more passionate later on *wink*). Or think of it this way: A quick peck says ‘I love you,’ while the longer kiss says, ‘I’m still in love with you.’

    4. Remember how to flirt.

    Yes, you’re exhausted, but you can still act coy, right? Don’t lose this kind of naughty fun in your relationship. Playfully cop his butt while the kids aren’t looking, show him your most seductive smile, or text him flirty messages— you’ll get your chemistry back in no time.

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    5. Shower together.

    They say moms don’t get privacy even while in the shower — but when the kids are asleep, they do! Do a little multi-tasking and invite your hubby into the bathroom.

    6. Have a date night — at home

    Tired parents need simple dates—so keep it low-key. Once the baby falls asleep (and you have a few hours window of opportunity!), pop a bottle of wine open and settle down the couch for some Netflix and chill (literally).

    7. Ready to commit? Do the 7-Day Romance Challenge.

    If you’re the competitive type and likes to plan things out, then maybe this challenge will turn you on. Popsugar enlisted the help of a relationship expert to plan seven days of romance for sleep-deprived parents. The list, which includes waking up 30 minutes early to have sex, saying only positive things to your partner, complimenting each other, and showing PDA at the most inopportune moments, among others, is perfectly doable and the best part is, you can start anytime! (If you’re feeling the love month, why not do it today and end on Valentine’s Day, or start the challenge on V-day, instead!).

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