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  • 9 Movies on Love and Family Are Among the Greatest Films in the 21st Century

    The BBC surveyed 177 film critics in 36 countries to come up with the top 100 greatest films released since 2000. Here are some of our favorites.
    by Rachel Perez .
9 Movies on Love and Family Are Among the Greatest Films in the 21st Century
  • The editors of the BBC Culture recently surveyed 177 film critics from 36 countries to name 100 greatest films of the 21st century (those released in 2000 up to the present). The critics were composed of movie review writers for newspapers, magazines, or website, and persons in the academe and cinema curators. We looked at the list and not surprisingly, we don't think we've watched even one-fourth on the list. But we were surprised to find some familiar family-friendly films. Here are nine that we think you will enjoy watching as a couple, with your big kids, and with the younger ones.

    For couples...

    In The Mood for Love

    We start with couple movies because this film from Hong Kong placed second in the ranking out of the top 100. The story revolves around neighbors Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung who find out that their respective spouses are cheating on them--with each other. Eventually, the two develop their own relationship, but it's not how you probably think it will end. If it's #hugot you want, this beautifully-shot languid film has it. 

    Before Sunrise

    This movie about finding love serendipitously and never letting it go is already a classic. The origin story of Jesse and Celine's love has been followed by two sequels, Before Sunset that shows the couple’s meeting anew, and Before Midnight where they’re already married with twins for kids. It's the first one, however, that we still love to revisit. 

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    For families with older kids...



    Aside from its honest portrayal of parenting, this film, which ranked no. 5, is an epic, taking 10 years to complete because it was shot in real time. The central character, Mason, is in first grade the first time you see him, and it is the same actor who portrays him, Ellar Coltrane, whom you see growing up in the film.   

    Moonrise Kingdom

    Oh, to be young and in love. Two introverted 12-year-olds, both smart and mature for their age, decide to run away from their families and be together. But the impending storm rallies their families together to find them before disaster hits. 

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    For families with younger kids...

    Spirited Away

    This is the movie to begin your journey to the world of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki. The young girl's quest to rescue her parents while she's trapped in the spirit world has lessons on determination and courage. Think traditional fairy tale transformed into an exciting story of transformation and discovery. It ranks fourth in the top 100. 


    Being able to tell a heartwarming story with mostly machines talking in beeps is impressive, but one that makes you cry deserves a standing ovation. The fact that it managed to incorporate a strong environmental message without forcing it down your throat further shows you power of a good storytelling.

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    Inside Out

    Another one that tugs the heartstrings of both the young and old, this movie is told primarily in the perspective of 11-year-old Riley and her feelings--Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear--as she navigates the changes in her life. As many pyschologists and child development experts point out, you can pick up a few helpful tips here on how to deal with your soon-to-be teenager.

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    Who thought that a rat who has a knack for cooking delish dishes would be a great movie? This movie tells kids that they can be whoever they want to be as long as they work hard for it. Being true to oneself also has its rewards, plus themes on acceptance, friendship, teamwork are all on full display here.

    Finding Nemo

    It's amazing how much this film that stars fish and other sea creatures can teach so many lessons on growing up and parenting. Nemo has to face the consequences of his action, yes, but how he was raised gave him the resilience, courage and strength he needed to face the challenges that came his way. And Marlin is, of course, all of us--out of our minds from fear and yet we know that, at some point, we need to let go and be confident that we have prepared our kids enough to thrive in the world. 

    What other parents are reading

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